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3 September 2020
Tony Meyer 
[FYI request #13452 email] 
Thank you for your email of 4 August 2020 to the Ministry of Education requesting the following 
Please provide a copy (ideally electronic, e.g. PDF) of all rules, guidelines, policies, or 
similar, relating to 5YA funding, the 2019 SIP funding, and the regular capital works 
programme where the project involves leased land. 

Only guidelines/rules/policies that are currently active, not ones that have existed in 
the past but are no longer used/valid 

Your request has been considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act). 
There are two types of property on leased land the Ministry is involved with, state-schools on 
leased land and Board-owned property that may be on leased land. 
State-schools on leased land 
State-schools on leased land are usually where land has been purchased by iwi as part of 
Treaty Settlements. The Ministry owns the buildings and leases the land from the iwi. In these 
cases, the same policies apply regarding all forms of funding and capital works as at all other 
The 10 year Property Plan (10YPP) is the main planning tool for school property. Schools 
develop the 10YPP every 5 years with support from the Ministry and an independent 10YPP 
property consultant. This process allows the Ministry to work with Boards to identify what 
property issues need to be addressed. More information on this can be found at the following 
The Ministry gives each Board capital funding to use over a 5 year period (5YA) on  
OIA: 1237340 
1DWLRQDO2IILFH0ƗWDXUDQJD+RXVHBowen Street, Wellington 6011 
PO Box 1666, Wellington 6140. Phone: +64 4 463 8000 Fax: +64 4 463 8001 

Ministry-owned buildings. This funding must be used to upgrade, modernise or replace 
existing buildings and not to expand the existing footprint.  
Details on how the Ministry calculates 5YA funding and rules regarding how to spend 5YA can 
be found at the following link:
The School Investment Package (SIP) is one-off funding provided to most state-schools to 
help them with property projects. This funding seeks to accelerate upgrade works at schools 
that would otherwise be deferred due to a lack of 5YA funds.  
Details on SIP and on what projects it can be used for can be found at the following link:
Board-owned property that may be on leased land 
There may also be instances where a Board owns buildings or property on leased land. It is 
the board’s responsibility to pay for the ongoing costs including maintenance, capital upgrades 
and operational costs of any board-owned property, including those that may be on leased 
More information around Board-owned property can be found at the following link:
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As such, we may publish this response on our website after five working days. Your name and 
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Thank you again for your email. You have the right to ask an Ombudsman to review this 
decision. You can do this by writing to [email address] or Office of the 
Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, Wellington 6143. 
Kim Shannon 
Head of Education Infrastructure Service