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23 January 2014 
Official Information Request No. 9000126670 
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Des Cowie 
Via email: 
[FYI request #1331 email] 
Dear Mr Cowie 
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (the Act) 
Barry Curtis Park – Development Costs 

I refer to your email, which we received on 25 November 2013, requesting information about the 
development costs of Barry Curtis Park.  Please find the responses to your questions below: 
The cost to buy the land for Barry Curtis Park. 
We are not able to identify the original cost of the 77ha of land that makes up Barry Curtis 
Therefore, we refuse pursuant to section 17(e) of the Act:  that the document alleged to 
contain the information requested does not exist or cannot be found. 
The cost to purchase all the plants and trees at Barry Curtis Park. 
Manukau City Council did not separately record the cost of plants and the cost of planting.  
The total cost for trees, plants, plant supply and planting from 2003-2011 was $1,913,266.33. 
The cost to plant all the plants and trees at Barry Curtis Park. 
Please refer response to question 2. 
From which fund(s?) were the foregoing costs made and the years in which the 
expenditure incurred. 

The original acquisitions and planting was funded from cash received from financial and 
development contributions. 
Identify in which account(s) these costs now reside. 
Please refer to question 4. 
The value, and the basis of valuation, of these accounts as reported for the 2012/13 

Current values for Barry Curtis Park 
Land at valuation 30 June 2013 
Amenities block at valuation 30 June 2013 
Other improvements and structures at cost 
Total carrying value 
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Reserve land is valued every three years by an independent registered valuer.  The accepted 
methodology for the valuation of reserve land is the rural land value approach adjusted for 
location and site-specific attributes.  
The amenities block is valued applying the depreciated replacement cost methodology.  
I wish to apologise for the delay in getting this response to you and draw your attention to your right of 
complaint to the Office of the Ombudsmen.  I also advise your right to make complaint to the 
Ombudsmen, under section 27(3) of the Act, should you believe Auckland Council has not responded 
appropriately to your request. 
Yours sincerely 
Nicole Miell 
Official Information Advisor 
Public Information Office 
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