This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Extract of data from OIA Tracking System'.
Subject,Date of Receipt,Decision Sent
Information on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and possible side effects as a trade named product under ACVM Act 1997,30/06/2020,28/07/2020
Data to support webinar presentation given by MPI on BMSB inspections,24/06/2020,27/07/2020
Information on animal welfare investigation [ 9(2)(a) ],29/06/2020,27/07/2020
All documents related to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and forestry agreement between Crown Forestry and two trusts,4/05/2020,24/07/2020
Copies of reports or memos relating to greyhound racing since 1 January 2020,25/05/2020,24/07/2020
All information and communications held by the Ministry in relation to the Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Amendment Bill,3/06/2020,23/07/2020
Copy of TAG report provided to Biosecurity NZ in December 2019,16/06/2020,23/07/2020
Information on investigations into companies or individuals selling fungi strains in New Zealand,30/06/2020,23/07/2020
Copies of communications between MPI and [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] for last two years,24/04/2020,22/07/2020
All information relating to the formation of the Organic Products Bill,25/05/2020,22/07/2020
Copies of documents sent to Customs on border management relating to Covid-19,24/06/2020,21/07/2020
Information on compliance investigation into pest fish released in New Zealand,5/06/2020,20/07/2020
Further information on animal welfare enforcement spending with focus on Covid,24/06/2020,20/07/2020
Information on Southland catchment group including environmental outcomes,30/06/2020,20/07/2020
Information on IBDV outbreak in Otago in 2019 and related official correspondence ,14/04/2020,17/07/2020
Copy of observer footage of humpback whales in Kaikoura during May 2020,4/06/2020,17/07/2020
Further documentation on South-East Marine Protected Area as referenced in previous OIA response,4/06/2020,16/07/2020
Information on MPI's Emerging Risk System for Biosecurity relating to Hoyas,18/06/2020,16/07/2020
Information for [ 9(2)(a) ] in relation to Mbovis including correspondence,22/05/2020,15/07/2020
Information relating to blue cod take reduction in BC03,27/05/2020,15/07/2020
Copies of correspondence between MPI and third parties relating to company's exports to China,28/05/2020,15/07/2020
Information on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] at transitional facility in Auckland ,8/06/2020,15/07/2020
Information on velvet export data from October 2019 to June 2020,24/06/2020,15/07/2020
All briefings relating to development of cannabis regulatory regime from May 2019 to May 2020,26/06/2020,15/07/2020
"Information on One Billion Trees programme including mortality rates, grants and numbers planted",18/05/2020,14/07/2020
Data on reptile interceptions at the border including information on fines,25/05/2020,14/07/2020
Health and Safety Risk Ratings of company's vessels,16/06/2020,14/07/2020
Information on bats intercepted at border in 2019 and 2020,23/06/2020,14/07/2020
The year and the cost both initial and ongoing of Biosecurity incidents and incursions.,26/05/2020,13/07/2020
Information on the export of honey and manuka honey between 2000 and 2020,15/06/2020,13/07/2020
Information on procurement of animal welfare emergency contractors,14/05/2020,10/07/2020
Information on test method for Bonamia ostreae from 2015,16/06/2020,10/07/2020
"All documents, including correspondence, related to South-East Marine Protected Area Network",24/02/2020,9/07/2020
Data on fisheries compliance stats relating to set netting,2/03/2020,9/07/2020
"All information held by MPI relating to South-East Marine Protected Areas, with focus on proposed marine reserves ",4/03/2020,9/07/2020
Compliance inspections on Marlborough vineyards through different Covid-19 alert levels,13/05/2020,9/07/2020
Information on invoices and expenditure for a rural support trust,25/05/2020,9/07/2020
What commodities are getting treated with Methyl Bromide and what the potential of alternative treatments are in replacing Methyl Bromide,10/06/2020,8/07/2020
Animal Welfare Export Certificate applications received by MPI in March 2020,10/06/2020,8/07/2020
Any Animal Welfare Export Certificate applications received by MPI in April 2020,10/06/2020,8/07/2020
Any Animal Welfare Export Certificate applications received by MPI in May 2020,10/06/2020,8/07/2020
Communications to DOC or Landcare regarding 1080 samples in a mouse,11/06/2020,8/07/2020
"Information on dogs imported to NZ for research, testing and teaching for 2017 and 2018",29/06/2020,8/07/2020
The most recent MPI audit of SPCA Marlborough,10/06/2020,7/07/2020
Information on complaint regarding goat tethering and SPCA visit,19/06/2020,6/07/2020
Information held on farm and owners from January 2014 onwards,6/04/2020,3/07/2020
Information on eel catch in Southland and data on habitat,12/05/2020,3/07/2020
Information on Southland forest land status under Climate Change Response Act 2002,8/06/2020,3/07/2020
Information relating to fisheries prosecutions from Feb 2020 to present,9/06/2020,3/07/2020
Information on entanglement of whales and other cetaceans from 2013 to present,4/06/2020,2/07/2020
"Fishing maps on rock lobster potting, purse seine and trawl, longline and setnet fishing",4/06/2020,2/07/2020
All documents provided to Minister Nash and DOC regarding South East Marine Protected Area consultation,5/06/2020,2/07/2020
Information relating to S183(A) of the Animal Welfare Act and associated Codes of Welfare,24/02/2020,1/07/2020
Copy of 2006 Post Border Plant Response Teams report and any relevant communications,4/06/2020,1/07/2020
Maps on fishing effort in 12NM coastal marine area from Oct 2007 to Sept 2018,8/06/2020,1/07/2020
Information on high seas permit for [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] for 2020/21,5/05/2020,30/06/2020
Information on greyhound exports including numbers and locations,25/05/2020,30/06/2020
Information on greyhound exports since 2017 including numbers and locations,25/05/2020,30/06/2020
Information on greyhound exports from 2016 to 2019,3/06/2020,30/06/2020
Results from testing for bonamia ostreae in NZ for 2017,3/06/2020,29/06/2020
Information on animal welfare compliance case including outcome for farm,3/06/2020,29/06/2020
Data on cattle tested in the Northland region for Mbovis,5/06/2020,29/06/2020
Documents relating to Mbovis investigation including communications,4/05/2020,26/06/2020
Information on animal welfare compliance case for two dairy farms,12/05/2020,26/06/2020
Contact details for recreational charter vessel owners registered with MPI,5/06/2020,26/06/2020
Information on previous bycatch request and ceasing of fishing in NZ EEZ,28/04/2020,25/06/2020
Copy of Sept/Oct 2019 report on testing for bonamia ostreae in New Zealand,20/05/2020,25/06/2020
Copies of applications to animal ethics committee for the past five years related to animals for research,6/03/2020,24/06/2020
All information provided by [ 9(2)(ba)(i) ] to MPI of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] investigation,14/05/2020,24/06/2020
Information on productivity or monitoring software used to monitor staff ,3/06/2020,24/06/2020
Dates of all the tests that were carried out at a property prior to 5 and 6 January and the results,10/06/2020,24/06/2020
Data on use and import of imported agricultural feed,18/03/2020,23/06/2020
Information relating to Te Puna mataitai reserve and gazette notice 1120 ,2/04/2020,23/06/2020
Information on adverse reactions to vet medicines in horses with focus on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],28/04/2020,23/06/2020
Copies of reports on adverse reactions to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] flea treatments,1/05/2020,23/06/2020
Information on staff working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak,12/05/2020,23/06/2020
Data on stocks that have had a TAC/TACC change in last 15 years,22/05/2020,23/06/2020
Data on bottom trawling paths around New Zealand for the last 15 years,25/05/2020,23/06/2020
Information on budget for Animal Welfare Act enforcement for this and next financial year,25/05/2020,23/06/2020
Data on purse seine around New Zealand for the last 15 years,25/05/2020,23/06/2020
Information on stink bugs intercepted at the border for last BMSB season,29/05/2020,23/06/2020
Information on staff travel over the last two years including costs,19/02/2020,19/06/2020
List of dog exports to China from Jan 2016 to end of March 2020,14/05/2020,19/06/2020
Annual tonnage data for short-finned eels out of Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere,26/05/2020,19/06/2020
Information on sexual harassment allegations for the past five years,10/01/2020,18/06/2020
Data on bycatch of hoiho penguins from 2016 onwards,5/05/2020,18/06/2020
Information on land suitable for planting of trees,18/05/2020,17/06/2020
Copies of animal welfare inspection reports regarding tail-breaking incidents,25/05/2020,16/06/2020
Information on water usage on farm property,27/05/2020,16/06/2020
Information relating to sick or injured cattle in Sri Lanka for 2018 and 2019,15/11/2019,15/06/2020
Information supplied to MPI by TAG,14/01/2020,15/06/2020
Information on staffing during export of live animals,19/03/2020,15/06/2020
Information on kauri dieback National Pest Management Plan including cost benefit analysis,14/05/2020,12/06/2020
Commercial catch and effort data for FMA2 Hawkes Bay from 1999 to 2019,14/05/2020,12/06/2020
All information relating to partial transfer of OIA request to DOC ,14/05/2020,12/06/2020
Copy of advice paper on Te Kopa o Rongok?napa m?taitai reserve application,9/06/2020,12/06/2020
All documents relating to Integrated Farm Planning Group in last six months,14/02/2020,9/06/2020
Information on albatross bycatch including correspondence between MPI and Ministers Nash and Sage ,11/05/2020,9/06/2020
Documents associated with the investigation into [ 9(b)(b)(ii) ],19/05/2020,9/06/2020
Copy of briefing on Te Kopa o Rongok?napa m?taitai reserve application,26/05/2020,9/06/2020
Copy of advice paper on Te Kopa o Rongok?napa m?taitai reserve application,3/06/2020,9/06/2020
Information on shark bycatch and observers on board tuna vessels in past year,26/02/2020,8/06/2020
Correspondence relating to organic markets and overseas query for similar standards,3/03/2020,8/06/2020
Reports using the term ‘Asian organised crime’ in the past three years,12/05/2020,8/06/2020
Copy of MPI's response to World Animal Protection Index report,20/05/2020,8/06/2020
Data on 1BT seedlings that have died within 12 months of planting,16/12/2019,5/06/2020
Copies of audits conducted on NZSPCA for 2017 and 2018,1/04/2020,5/06/2020
Information on Maori women applying for and appointed to Tier 2 roles over last three years,21/04/2020,5/06/2020
Copies of submissions received on the review of folic acid fortification of food from November 2019,29/04/2020,5/06/2020
Data on fishing vessel movements into the West Coast,25/05/2020,5/06/2020
Copy of briefing relating to exemptions to border restrictions for essential workers,28/05/2020,5/06/2020
All information provided to Minister O'Connor on the Organic Products Bill,3/06/2020,5/06/2020
Copies of emails to and from Minister Nash regarding South-East Marine Protected Area Network ,3/06/2020,5/06/2020
Data on protected species bycatch by commercial fishing boats,28/02/2020,4/06/2020
Information on gender pay differences including breakdown of top ten remunerated staff ,4/03/2020,4/06/2020
Information relating to prosecutions via the Biosecurity Act 1993,26/03/2020,4/06/2020
Information relating to tarakihi catch with specific focus on East Coast ,17/04/2020,4/06/2020
Information on phytophthora agathidicida as unwanted organism,18/03/2020,3/06/2020
Kauri dieback data for Northland and Auckland map region,23/03/2020,3/06/2020
Information on vessels in Doubtless Bay including catch effort ,6/05/2020,3/06/2020
Information on PGF spending on consultants from four accounting firms,4/12/2019,2/06/2020
Information on payroll cuts to staff due to coronavirus outbreak,22/04/2020,2/06/2020
Information on horses processed at abattoirs in New Zealand for the past three years,22/04/2020,28/05/2020
Information on quota share ownership of SNA3 shares including price,4/05/2020,28/05/2020
Copy of marine farming permit application for Forsyth Bay,5/05/2020,28/05/2020
List of recreational chartered vessels registered in New Zealand,13/05/2020,28/05/2020
Information on 1080 bait stations and application methods,28/05/2020,28/05/2020
Details on fisheries compliance operations including list of operation names,13/03/2020,27/05/2020
Copies of animal welfare reports from rodeos in 2019/20 season,29/04/2020,27/05/2020
Copies of correspondence and meeting minutes relating to the current hive levy invoice,29/04/2020,27/05/2020
Summaries of scampi vessel fish waste management strategies,5/05/2020,27/05/2020
Information on dog exercise during Level 2 Covid-19 alert system,13/05/2020,27/05/2020
Copy of pest management plan for kauri dieback and national standards for walking tracks,6/05/2020,26/05/2020
Information relating to Mbovis direction notices for Northland farm,4/05/2020,25/05/2020
Information relating to rural support trust invoices to MPI,6/04/2020,22/05/2020
Staff details relating to query about border exemptions through Covid-19 alert levels,19/05/2020,22/05/2020
Copies of briefings or reports on response to demand for Rock Lobster since Coronavirus outbreak,24/02/2020,21/05/2020
All advice to Minister on carry forward of ACE and coronavirus impact on rock lobster industry ,4/03/2020,21/05/2020
Copies of unpublished NAWAC meeting minutes,18/03/2020,21/05/2020
Information on voluntary and involuntary food recalls since 2016,22/04/2020,21/05/2020
"Data on fishing effort in Otago Peninsula including bycatch, number of boats and observers on-board",13/05/2020,21/05/2020
"Information on MOU funding for NZSPCA for 2017, 2018 and 2019",1/04/2020,20/05/2020
Percentages of observers on-board fishing vessels ,12/05/2020,20/05/2020
Data on quantities of raw milk supplied by [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] to independent processors from 2016 to 2019,11/03/2020,19/05/2020
Copy of Regulatory Impact Statement on forestry supply chain,18/05/2020,19/05/2020
Information on publishing animal use statistics ,19/05/2020,19/05/2020
Information on ministerial committee on land access including names of board members,17/04/2020,18/05/2020
List of food safety officers appointed by MPI ,21/04/2020,18/05/2020
List of universities who decline publishing animal statistics ,3/03/2020,14/05/2020
Copy of ‘Speak Up’ framework and guidelines for staff,6/03/2020,14/05/2020
Copies of documents in investigation file regarding [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],4/03/2020,13/05/2020
Bottom trawl data for Statistical Area 040 with focus on restricted zone and frequency,12/03/2020,13/05/2020
Information on dog kennels open as essential services for essential workers,22/04/2020,13/05/2020
Copy of pre-trial report in animal welfare case,30/04/2020,12/05/2020
Information regarding Fisheries Amendment Regulations for South-East and Amateur Fishing,17/12/2019,6/05/2020
Correspondence from non-governmental agencies about NZ's negotiating position on Global Biodiversity Framework,25/03/2020,6/05/2020
Data of observer sightings of Hector’s dolphins by inshore fishing vessels in South Island waters,6/04/2020,6/05/2020
Information on dog grooming at different levels of Covid-19 alert system,29/04/2020,5/05/2020
Copies of two reports on poultry welfare and broiler chickens,1/04/2020,4/05/2020
Copy of MPI’s fraud and corruption policies,2/04/2020,4/05/2020
List of vessels charged with area misreporting from January 2005 to January 2020,8/04/2020,4/05/2020
Information on requestor and animal welfare issue at rodeo,17/04/2020,4/05/2020
Annual tonnage data for shortfin eels out of statistical area 022 Te Waihora ,20/04/2020,4/05/2020
Information relating to Ngati Hinewaka’s mataitai reserve application in 2011,4/02/2020,1/05/2020
Internal communications from staff member relating to custom food control plan,12/02/2020,1/05/2020
Information relating to animal welfare investigation at operations facility,1/04/2020,1/05/2020
Copies of NAIT account summary transactions between two farmers,14/04/2020,1/05/2020
Copies of investigation file into [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],14/04/2020,1/05/2020
Copy of animal welfare investigation file [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],16/04/2020,1/05/2020
Data on white peach scale interceptions from 2016 to present,17/04/2020,1/05/2020
Copy of letter referred to in previous OIA response ,30/03/2020,30/04/2020
Copies of AWEC certificates for February 2020,25/03/2020,29/04/2020
Data on hemp food product and seed imports for the last five years,9/03/2020,28/04/2020
Copy of S144 review report completed by Landcare Research ,19/02/2020,23/04/2020
"Information on costs associated with Pea Weevil response, including compensation",24/02/2020,23/04/2020
Information relating to shipping container of frozen squid ,31/03/2020,23/04/2020
Information on pilchard catch in FMA7 ,23/03/2020,21/04/2020
Data on higher frequency emissions return from 2010 to 2019,27/03/2020,21/04/2020
Copy of report sent to USDA in Nov 2015 regarding request for equivalence ,26/02/2020,20/04/2020
All case records on SIMS relating to leptospirosis as cause of disease,23/03/2020,20/04/2020
Information on chicken health and welfare for fast-growing broiler breeds,24/02/2020,17/04/2020
Information on MPI’s advice for sheep grazing in vineyards [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],3/04/2020,17/04/2020
Advice and documents on raw milk regulations since March 2016,19/02/2020,16/04/2020
"Information relating to animal welfare court case, including details on complainant",18/03/2020,16/04/2020
Data on adverse events related to zinc supplementation for preventing facial eczema,10/03/2020,15/04/2020
Cost of fisheries compliance case against fisheries offender,18/03/2020,15/04/2020
Observer data regarding catch of Antipodean albatrosses including type of catch ,7/04/2020,15/04/2020
Information about New Zealand Rodeo Animal Welfare Committee and vet reports from 2019 rodeos,28/11/2019,14/04/2020
All information and correspondence for two gazetted customary fishing notices under Fisheries Regulation 1998,15/01/2020,14/04/2020
List of all canine imports and exports from 2018 to March 2020,2/03/2020,14/04/2020
All information including correspondence relating to Moremore mataitai reserve,18/03/2020,14/04/2020
Bovine diagnostic information from 2003 to present with focus on facial eczema,1/04/2020,14/04/2020
"Numbers of dogs imported for research in 2017, 2018 and 2019",23/03/2020,10/04/2020
"Details of sampling process, documents and correspondence relating to contaminents in seed",12/03/2020,9/04/2020
Information relating to adverse reactions caused by or related to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] bovine vaccine,6/03/2020,8/04/2020
Copy of Fish Mainland briefing sent to Minister Nash,26/03/2020,6/04/2020
"List of types of species used for research, testing and teaching in NZ for the past five years",7/02/2020,3/04/2020
Communications relating to investigation sent between MPI and external agencies,12/03/2020,3/04/2020
All information relating to animal welfare case ,20/03/2020,3/04/2020
"Documents related to Animal Welfare Act, bobby calves and business case from 2015",10/02/2020,2/04/2020
Historic documents related to trust including correspondence with trustees,6/03/2020,2/04/2020
Information relating to Featherston dog pound and South Wairarapa District Council,27/01/2020,1/04/2020
Information on rodeo animal deaths and injuries from Oct 2019 to present,10/02/2020,1/04/2020
Copies of vet and post-event rodeo inspection reports from Nov 2019 to present,18/02/2020,1/04/2020
Information supplied by [ 9(2)(ba)(i) ] to MPI relating to greyhound imports,5/03/2020,1/04/2020
All information relating to investigations of sickness from raw milk on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],12/12/2019,31/03/2020
Information on vessels with unregulated pests on board during current stink-bug season,21/01/2020,31/03/2020
"Information on fisheries observer incident, including training and experience",27/01/2020,31/03/2020
Copy of vet and post-event inspection report for rodeo ,2/03/2020,30/03/2020
Copy of report and survey results relating to Dairy Cattle Vets from 2018,3/03/2020,30/03/2020
Details regarding investigation case and decision on prosecution,4/03/2020,30/03/2020
Copy of ACVM Specified Requirements Products Standard and Guidelines,27/03/2020,30/03/2020
Copy of communications between MPI and [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],22/01/2020,26/03/2020
Copies of submissions regarding Omaui mataitai reserve application,21/02/2020,26/03/2020
Copies of vet and post-event inspection reports from three February rodeos,27/02/2020,26/03/2020
Information relating to PEQ2018 and [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],26/11/2019,24/03/2020
Information on events involving [ 9(2)(a) ] including expenditure,28/02/2020,24/03/2020
Data from PAU 7 statistical areas P714 – P748 ,11/03/2020,24/03/2020
Results for two rounds of Bonamia testing in Protected Zone from 2018,3/03/2020,23/03/2020
Information on Controlled Area Notice in Waitakere Ranges,28/02/2020,20/03/2020
Information on staff drug testing and related policies from 2017 to present,8/01/2020,19/03/2020
"Information on horseracing including imports, exports, transportation and mortality rates",14/01/2020,19/03/2020
Information on SPCA inspectors and prosecution guidelines,13/02/2020,19/03/2020
Information on greyhound exports from 2015 to 2019 inclusive,20/02/2020,19/03/2020
Copy of East Coast tarakihi stock assessment model for 2018,20/02/2020,19/03/2020
Copy of most recent tangata kaitiaki application ,2/03/2020,19/03/2020
Annual Catch Entitlements for commercial eel fisheries in Taranaki region,2/03/2020,19/03/2020
Information on staff quarantine approach following Coronavirus outbreak,27/02/2020,18/03/2020
Copy of assessment for fish-farm license application on behalf of company in August 2018,28/02/2020,18/03/2020
Information relating to vessel positioning and electronic positioning reporting systems,2/03/2020,18/03/2020
Data on killer whale bycatch to date,21/01/2020,17/03/2020
Copies of infringement notices sent to farm properties,19/02/2020,17/03/2020
Copy of 2019 survey related to oysters in Foveaux Strait and[ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] management plan for the fishery,26/02/2020,17/03/2020
Copy of letter and reports regarding swamp kauri exports as artwork,6/01/2020,16/03/2020
Formal Documents regarding integrated farm planning & farm environment plans since January 1 2019,20/12/2019,13/03/2020
Information on glyphosate residue testing for soy meal and oil,14/02/2020,13/03/2020
Details of staff able to upgrade honey for EU status and copies of relevant OMARS,17/02/2020,13/03/2020
Information relating to birds dying at Horowhenua and animal welfare response,11/03/2020,13/03/2020
Copy of video referenced in fisheries compliance case in Tauranga District Court,12/03/2020,13/03/2020
Information on animals exported for research since 2010 and categorisation,16/01/2020,12/03/2020
Information regarding MPI and NAWAC work on use of collars on animals since 2018,24/01/2020,12/03/2020
Information on foreign-owned farmland and pine forestry farmland,5/03/2020,12/03/2020
Copy of file for fisheries case in Tauranga District Court,6/12/2019,11/03/2020
Data on Provincial Growth Fund and harvesting of One Billion Trees,27/01/2020,11/03/2020
Copy of documents on South Island Customary Fishing Regulations,25/02/2020,11/03/2020
"All information, including correspondence, related to Fisheries Regulations 1999",9/12/2019,10/03/2020
Copies of Animal Welfare Export Certificates for January 2020,7/02/2020,10/03/2020
Information on testing of glyphosate in milk from 2015 to present,19/02/2020,10/03/2020
Copy of animal welfare export certificates from December 2019,15/01/2020,9/03/2020
Information on fisheries prosecutions from May 2019 to present,11/02/2020,9/03/2020
Information regarding company's bee and hive registrations,19/02/2020,9/03/2020
Information on how animal welfare is provided at rodeos and to livestock,9/03/2020,9/03/2020
Figures on fishing-related animal deaths 2016-2019,19/11/2019,6/03/2020
Information of incidents of sickness caused by raw milk,3/01/2020,6/03/2020
"Copies of OIA requests and responses for university staff from Auckland, Otago and Newcastle",12/02/2020,6/03/2020
Historic documents related to application for approved status,13/02/2020,6/03/2020
Data on hull inspections for Bluff and Rakiura,14/02/2020,6/03/2020
"Information on rural support trust invoices, including repayment",17/02/2020,6/03/2020
Information on food recalls from 2001 to 2009,19/02/2020,6/03/2020
Information relating to animal welfare infringements issued,21/02/2020,6/03/2020
All information MPI holds relating to methodology of testing in laboratories on 1080,26/02/2020,6/03/2020
"All documents, including correspondence, relating to success of Mbovis eradication programme from June 2019 to present",14/01/2020,5/03/2020
Information on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] complaint against [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] exports,17/01/2020,5/03/2020
"Information on appointment of board member, including correspondence",24/02/2020,5/03/2020
Copy of the National Pest Pet Biosecurity Accord,24/02/2020,5/03/2020
Information relating to Whangaparaoa mataitai applicaton,4/12/2019,4/03/2020
All policies or guidance on infringement notice issuing by Biosecurity staff,15/01/2020,4/03/2020
Copy of report on Melissococcus pluton,24/02/2020,4/03/2020
Information on independent panel review and documents relating to processing of previous OIA request,19/12/2019,3/03/2020
"Data on biosecurity seizures from air travellers, in particular fish products",5/02/2020,3/03/2020
Catch data for PAU7 Marlborough fishery for past 10 years,14/02/2020,3/03/2020
Copies of animal welfare reports relating to compensation claim ,19/12/2019,2/03/2020
Copies of 30 day post arrival reports for three live exports,18/12/2019,28/02/2020
Information relating to glyphosate testing in milk,3/01/2020,28/02/2020
Financial value assessments of common marine and coastal areas,24/01/2020,28/02/2020
List of documents and visits by MPI and copy of post-mortem on cow in April 2019,27/01/2020,28/02/2020
Data on oyster spat movement from oyster farms in Nelson and Marlborough Sounds to Southland from Feb to June 2015,31/01/2020,28/02/2020
Information on MPI's oversight of testing of pesticides,5/02/2020,28/02/2020
Information relating to Fisheries Amendment Regulations 2019 including related correspondence,3/12/2019,27/02/2020
Information on case of seizure of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] veterinary medicine at border,6/01/2020,27/02/2020
Copy of internal briefing related to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],24/01/2020,27/02/2020
Information on eel tonnage taken from Taranaki region in last 4 years,5/02/2020,27/02/2020
Information on ship and vessel tracks in Queen Charlotte Sound and Tory Channel,11/02/2020,27/02/2020
Information on eradication of R1 cows in the past 12 months,29/11/2019,26/02/2020
Information relating to sickness caused by raw milk,11/12/2019,26/02/2020
Information on baseline reviews or reviews of expenditure since Budget 2019,28/01/2020,26/02/2020
Copy of NAIT investigation file [ 9(2)(a) ],11/02/2020,26/02/2020
Copies of consultation correspondence for PEQ 2018,3/12/2019,25/02/2020
All records from animal welfare visits to [ 9(2)(a) ],29/01/2020,25/02/2020
Information relating to 1080 and the National Chemical Residues Programme Report ,29/01/2020,25/02/2020
Copy of reports on fisher behaviour changes since electronic log book and GPRS introduction,21/11/2019,24/02/2020
Shapefiles for reefs around Motiti Island for recreational and commercial fishing efforts,12/12/2019,24/02/2020
All records of complaints regarding food safety concerns at [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] stores,18/12/2019,24/02/2020
Information on contracts and services provided by [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] from 2015 to 2019,6/01/2020,24/02/2020
Copy of AWECs for November 2019,12/12/2019,20/02/2020
Information relating to reports from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] regarding Marlborough Sounds,12/12/2019,20/02/2020
Copy of case file for Notice of Direction,11/02/2020,20/02/2020
Information on testing and sickness from drinking raw milk,11/12/2019,19/02/2020
Information on humans as main vector for kauri dieback,22/01/2020,19/02/2020
All information relating to use of MPI Compliance vehicle including alleged speeding incident,27/01/2020,19/02/2020
Advice to employees on use of TikTok app from Sept 2019 to present,27/01/2020,19/02/2020
Copy of Amendment to Fisheries Regulations Cabinet paper from 2006,29/01/2020,19/02/2020
Information on LFR landed fish for 2018/19 fishing year,10/02/2020,19/02/2020
List of non-target species caught in Wherry and Gondola polygons,11/02/2020,19/02/2020
Information on fisheries forfeits under Fisheries Act 1996,21/11/2019,18/02/2020
Data on exceeded aggregation limits and consent requests under Fisheries Act 1996,22/11/2019,18/02/2020
All communication between MPI with organic product trading nations,28/11/2019,18/02/2020
"Number of beekeeper listings lapsed in 2019, including cost of processing",11/02/2020,18/02/2020
"List of food complaints and actions taken, including foreign objects found in food",29/10/2019,17/02/2020
Information on Animal Welfare Inspectors present at rodeos October 2019 to January 2020,17/01/2020,17/02/2020
"Information on Predator Free 2050 programme, including costs",12/02/2020,17/02/2020
Information relating to incidents of sickness from raw milk,6/12/2019,14/02/2020
Information relating to health risks of raw milk and compliance investigations,9/12/2019,14/02/2020
Information relating to staff member appointment ,12/12/2019,14/02/2020
Copy of updated model used for East Coast tarakihi stock assessment,17/01/2020,14/02/2020
Information on sickness caused by milk varieties other than raw milk,24/01/2020,14/02/2020
Information relating to greyhound racing animal welfare investigations,5/12/2019,13/02/2020
Copy of advice to Minister Nash on closure of Te Mata and Waipatukahu Mahinga Mataitai ,8/01/2020,13/02/2020
Copy of briefing on temporary closure of Te Mata and Waipatukahu mataitai,10/01/2020,13/02/2020
Copy of final report on TUR and Corrections joint planting pilot,15/01/2020,13/02/2020
List of noxious weeds,28/01/2020,13/02/2020
All documents relating to PEQ 2018 compensation claims and arbitrators under the Biosecurity Act 1993,4/11/2019,12/02/2020
Number of personal inbound containers and data on where they originate from,5/12/2019,12/02/2020
Information on animal exports for food including wild and domestic animals,8/01/2020,12/02/2020
Data related to applications for exceeding quota aggregation limits,10/01/2020,12/02/2020
Copy of call transcript regarding CITES advice and bear skin import,11/02/2020,12/02/2020
All MPI inspections at pounds in Far North District Council over the last year and related correspondence,22/11/2019,11/02/2020
Data on penguins and dolphins as bycatch and fishing boat observers around Banks Peninsula,27/11/2019,11/02/2020
Catch information for the last five years for Wherry and Gondola polygons,8/01/2020,11/02/2020
Copy of investigation file regarding nut allergy incident,22/01/2020,11/02/2020
Import quantities for hydrogen cyanamide from 2006 and 2019,24/01/2020,11/02/2020
"Reports on set net fisheries on compliance, characterisation and impacts of commerical set netting",28/11/2019,10/02/2020
Follow-up to previous OIA on bycatch statistics,13/01/2020,7/02/2020
Copy of review on raw milk set to be released in 2018,17/01/2020,7/02/2020
Information regarding [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] including any related correspondence,7/11/2019,5/02/2020
Information on drug and alcohol testing in forestry sector,12/11/2019,5/02/2020
Information regarding digital translation throughout MPI,18/12/2019,5/02/2020
Information on methodology for testing of 1080 in food for the past five years,18/12/2019,5/02/2020
All images of the dehydrated monkey related to the biosecurity incident at [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],23/12/2019,5/02/2020
"Number of primates intercepted at border, including information on fines",3/01/2020,5/02/2020
Any internal documents or correspondence with Food Safety Australia New Zealand regarding sports supplements classifications,18/11/2019,4/02/2020
Information relating to obtaining NAIT data,25/10/2019,3/02/2020
Information relating the status of a Training Centre,13/12/2019,3/02/2020
Copy of spatial layer of Fisheries Management Areas in the EEZ,6/01/2020,3/02/2020
Types of reptiles imported for private ownership since 1990,20/11/2019,31/01/2020
Copies of NAWAC minutes from 2019 and meetings with New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association from 2016-19,2/12/2019,31/01/2020
Information relating to post about biosecurity at the border,9/12/2019,31/01/2020
All information on Quota Share Tender results for 2002,13/12/2019,31/01/2020
Information relating to MPI's total cabon emissions and offset plans,15/11/2019,30/01/2020
"Breakdown of grants, payments or loans through the One Billion Trees programme",20/11/2019,30/01/2020
Information relating to prosecution over importation of comb honey,12/12/2019,30/01/2020
Information on testing agencies for quality of 1080 pellets,16/12/2019,30/01/2020
Copy of first 30 days report for [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] vessel to China,2/12/2019,29/01/2020
Copy of varroa chemical report regarding beekeeping,13/12/2019,29/01/2020
Copy of letter received by MPI relating to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] exports to China,9/01/2020,29/01/2020
Copy of letter received by MPI about [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] exports to China,9/01/2020,29/01/2020
Information relating to animal welfare compliance and specific animal welfare case,28/11/2019,28/01/2020
Copy of cabinet paper 'One Billion Trees: Enabling Crown Forestry to Plant Trees',20/12/2019,28/01/2020
Copy of health report on Acceptable Daily Intakes for 1080,6/01/2020,28/01/2020
Food recalls for the past ten years,14/01/2020,28/01/2020
Names and contact details of commercial freshwater eel fishers in Northland area,17/01/2020,28/01/2020
Copy of conflicts of interest for Mbovis TAG and Science Advisory Group,9/12/2019,27/01/2020
Number of hard copies of health and safety booklets and distribution list,3/01/2020,27/01/2020
Photos of bycatch within the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park in the last three years,6/11/2019,24/01/2020
Data relating to seabird captures and mitigations used in surface long line and trawl fisheries,25/11/2019,24/01/2020
Results from most recent round of testing for bonamia ostreae in Big Glory Bay,5/12/2019,24/01/2020
Number of travellers given fine at the border for false declarations in past year,27/11/2019,23/01/2020
A copy of the Raw Milk Regulated Control Scheme - Farm Dairy Operator register,10/12/2019,23/01/2020
Information regarding a raw milk company,10/12/2019,22/01/2020
"Information on rabbit control, surveillance and RHD virus in New Zealand and overseas",11/12/2019,22/01/2020
Copy of Aquaculture NES sections 32 and 64A,7/01/2020,22/01/2020
"Remuneration bands for Policy Analysts, including Principal and Senior, from 2016 to present",8/01/2020,22/01/2020
Information on rabbit population since release of RHDV including estimated losses,10/01/2020,22/01/2020
Data on number and locations of beehives registered in New Zealand,13/01/2020,22/01/2020
Copy of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] Independent Import Health Standard Review ,17/01/2020,22/01/2020
Copy of meeting minutes between farm leaders and Ministers regarding Zero Carbon Bill,6/01/2020,17/01/2020
List of funding recipients for kauri dieback initiatives,18/12/2019,16/01/2020
Correspondence between [ 9(2)(a) ] and NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association from Oct 2016 - 2017,3/01/2020,16/01/2020
Email addresses of all businesses of registered statuses that hold a FCP or NP,3/12/2019,13/01/2020
Copy of all information relating to biosecurity fine,9/12/2019,13/01/2020
Copy of phone call to customer services from 14 January 2019,9/12/2019,10/01/2020
Information relating to recall of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],16/12/2019,6/01/2020
All documents relating to glyphosate testing for honey products,14/10/2019,20/12/2019
Reports relating to rodeos for the 2019/20 summer and notes regarding two specific rodeos,29/10/2019,20/12/2019
"List of names authorised to fish for hui or tangi in Maketu Taiapure area, including contact details",5/11/2019,20/12/2019
All advice provided to Minister Clark from May 2018 regarding the Zero Carbon Bill,6/11/2019,20/12/2019
Information on stock animals shipped overseas from New Zealand,19/11/2019,20/12/2019
Information on bycatch from 2013 to 2018 for a variety of fisheries,28/11/2019,20/12/2019
Information on appointment of staff member,1/11/2019,19/12/2019
"Copy of full report titled Risk Assessment - Snake sighting, West Coast, July 2014",15/11/2019,19/12/2019
All information relating to a flight,21/11/2019,19/12/2019
"Information, including correspondence, related to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ]",21/11/2019,19/12/2019
Information on 1080 compliance with the ACVM Act 1997,25/11/2019,19/12/2019
Information on M.Bovis investigation at [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],23/09/2019,18/12/2019
"Information relating to the Parker export including advice, documents and correspondence",7/10/2019,18/12/2019
All information regarding notification of tangata kaitiaki ,24/10/2019,18/12/2019
Information on fines under section 154N(21) of the Biosecurity Act 1993,20/11/2019,18/12/2019
Information on health standards on banana imports including risk analysis,13/09/2019,17/12/2019
Complaints regarding tail-breaking of cattle since 2017,23/10/2019,17/12/2019
Catch data and fishing effort in SQU6T area and sea lion captures for past 10 years,24/10/2019,17/12/2019
Copies of complaints of four court cases relating to illegal fish dumping,25/10/2019,17/12/2019
Information on standard terms and conditions for policy research for the last five years,7/11/2019,17/12/2019
Information on kauri dieback notices in Waitakere Ranges and Goldies Bush,20/11/2019,17/12/2019
Copy of National Kauri Dieback Pest Management Plan and related information,20/11/2019,17/12/2019
Information regarding applications for [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] products under ACVM Act ,25/11/2019,17/12/2019
Information relating to food recall of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] bottles,13/12/2019,17/12/2019
Updates on the One Billion Trees programme including information on funding,18/10/2019,16/12/2019
Information on use of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] or [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] surveillance cameras,6/11/2019,16/12/2019
Information relating to two biosecurity incidents at Queenstown Airport,11/10/2019,13/12/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation file into [ 9(2)(a) ],17/10/2019,13/12/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation file into [ 9(2)(a) ],17/10/2019,13/12/2019
"Information on stink bugs detected at border, including treatment and clearance process",4/11/2019,13/12/2019
How many compliance notices have been issued since coming into use?,18/11/2019,13/12/2019
Information regarding flexible working style and data protection,22/11/2019,13/12/2019
Sale price of quota shares transferred by the Crown in 2002,2/12/2019,13/12/2019
Copy of investigation report regarding chickens,9/12/2019,13/12/2019
All information related to upcoming TAG report,27/09/2019,12/12/2019
"Data on fisheries bycatch of fur seals, common dolphins and sea lions",21/10/2019,12/12/2019
Information relating to the 28N rights working group,19/11/2019,12/12/2019
Data on catch by fishing stock and area,21/11/2019,12/12/2019
Results of testing conducted by Landcare Research to verify 1080 manufacturers to MPI,3/12/2019,12/12/2019
Results for pelleted seed testing data including beta seeds,12/12/2019,12/12/2019
Pelleted seed test results since border testing measures were introduced,29/10/2019,11/12/2019
All information related to suspected Mbovis case,4/10/2019,10/12/2019
Investigation file into [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] including related correspondence,21/10/2019,10/12/2019
Data on detector dogs identifying tobacco or tobacco based products,25/11/2019,10/12/2019
"Information on vegan food labelling, in particular regarding allergens",3/12/2019,10/12/2019
Copy of reports and audits relating to varroacides used in beekeeping,11/10/2019,6/12/2019
Information on glyphosate testing including contamination limits and related data,12/11/2019,6/12/2019
Information relating to the [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] funding application and decline,18/11/2019,6/12/2019
Information on animal welfare inspector's license,4/11/2019,5/12/2019
List of vessels and owners for CRA5 rock lobster fishery for 2019/20 fishing year,21/11/2019,5/12/2019
"Information on land held by a Training Centre, including related correspondence with liquidators",24/10/2019,4/12/2019
A copy of the NZIER review of the cost-benefit economic analysis of the Dolphin Threat Management Plan,11/11/2019,4/12/2019
List of successful AGS grants by client or entity,12/11/2019,4/12/2019
"All correspondence between requestor, [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and MPI",12/08/2019,3/12/2019
Information on Mbovis case [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],6/11/2019,3/12/2019
Information on testing for aflatoxins for palm kernel expeller,8/11/2019,2/12/2019
All OIA responses on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] bid for One Billion Trees money,22/11/2019,2/12/2019
Information on forestry vehicle crashes since January 2014,29/11/2019,2/12/2019
Correspondence between MPI and US Govt officials over Maui dolphin bycatch from January 2019 to present,27/09/2019,29/11/2019
Number of genetically modified organisms released into NZ since 2009,8/10/2019,29/11/2019
All bonamia ostreae survelliance reports from Stewart Island and Foveaux Strait,14/10/2019,29/11/2019
Copy of animal welfare report for first 30 days after export of cattle to China,17/10/2019,28/11/2019
All information relating to increase in quota for orange roughy stocks including related correspondence,3/10/2019,27/11/2019
Images of animals in mud or with mud on them from July 2019 to present,7/10/2019,27/11/2019
"Copies of submissions from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] on commodity levy order, plan for growth and related correspondence",4/10/2019,26/11/2019
Copies of any convictions for requestor regarding fishing quota,20/11/2019,26/11/2019
Information on One Billion Trees planting estimate announced on 21 October 2019,21/10/2019,25/11/2019
Information on appointment of animal welfare inspector and copy of MOU between MPI and SPCA,7/11/2019,25/11/2019
All documents and correspondence related to manager's move to MPI,27/09/2019,22/11/2019
Information on reforestation and erosion control programmes or grants,30/09/2019,22/11/2019
Number of times staff attempted to access adult website,4/10/2019,22/11/2019
Copies of animal welfare export certificates for September 2019,17/10/2019,21/11/2019
Copies of infringement notices from 2013 to present sent to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],31/10/2019,21/11/2019
Copies of AWEC applications for October 2019,1/11/2019,21/11/2019
"All fresh produce, cut flowers and foliage imports from November 2018 to 31 October 2019",1/11/2019,20/11/2019
Information on importing quality fresh produce including risk assessments and interceptions at border,18/09/2019,19/11/2019
"Data on tonnage & landing sites of swordfish, hoki, and bluefin tuna 2000-2018",24/09/2019,19/11/2019
Data on companies and individuals importing tobacco into New Zealand,24/10/2019,19/11/2019
A list of plant material imported from Brazil,11/11/2019,19/11/2019
Monthly breakdown regarding trees planted and funded under One Billion Trees programme from January 2018 to September 2019,21/10/2019,18/11/2019
Copy of all information relating to infringement notice [ 9(2)(a) ],22/10/2019,18/11/2019
Annual numbers of bobby calves,22/10/2019,18/11/2019
Copies of briefings related to the proposed review of the longfin eel fishery,29/10/2019,18/11/2019
All correspondence from MPI staff member and NIWA regarding habitat model for Hector's and Maui dolphins from April - July 2018,22/07/2019,15/11/2019
Copies of animal welfare export certificates for July 2019 and correspondence relating to specific export case,2/08/2019,15/11/2019
Information on beekeeper or hive registration for family since 2015,22/10/2019,15/11/2019
Copies of Animal Welfare Export Certificates received for August 2019,13/09/2019,14/11/2019
Estimates of economic impact of ban of NZ imports to US under Marine Mammal Protection Act ,27/09/2019,14/11/2019
Information on staff air travel and environmentally friendly practices in the workplace,4/10/2019,14/11/2019
"All applications from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] for funding, including related correspondence",14/10/2019,14/11/2019
Copy of investigation report into copperhead snakes on West Coast from 2014,18/10/2019,14/11/2019
Copy of report on bonamia ostreae in Big Glory Bay,8/11/2019,14/11/2019
"Copy of NOD file, including all blood tests to date, and Active Surveillance status",23/10/2019,13/11/2019
Copy of the investigation into [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],17/09/2019,12/11/2019
Information on king fish distribution over the last 20 years,18/09/2019,12/11/2019
Data on fishing boats operating in Banks peninsula ,25/09/2019,12/11/2019
"Copies of regulatory impact statements, a consultation paper and advice",2/10/2019,12/11/2019
Copy of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] commodity levy brief released in previous OIA,24/10/2019,12/11/2019
MPI advice and commentary on the Essential Freshwater paper,20/09/2019,11/11/2019
All information regarding trade name product applications under ACVM Act,21/10/2019,11/11/2019
Information on activity of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] vessel trawling in Whirinaki inshore region,25/10/2019,11/11/2019
Data on misleading food label complaints made to MPI,30/10/2019,11/11/2019
"Any documents, including emails, related to Release to Work prisoner scheme for 2019 planting season",10/09/2019,8/11/2019
"Copies of reports sent to Minister O'Connor, MfE or Treasury on the Essential Freshwater Package in the last three months",13/09/2019,8/11/2019
Copy of briefing on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ]'s financial and strategic assessment,24/09/2019,8/11/2019
Information relating to animal welfare complaint,4/11/2019,8/11/2019
List of payments from MPI to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] since October 2017,10/10/2019,7/11/2019
Information on animal welfare inspections related to layer hen farms and cages for hens,5/09/2019,6/11/2019
Copy of food compliance investigation report [ 9(2)(a) ],18/09/2019,6/11/2019
Copy of Mbovis test results including both bulk milk and individual bloods,1/10/2019,6/11/2019
Data on KIN7 and 8 returned to sea for 2016-2019 fishing seasons,10/10/2019,6/11/2019
Data on observer trip from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],16/10/2019,6/11/2019
Median total REM of all employees at 30 June 2015 and 2016,21/10/2019,6/11/2019
Photos of bycatch from Hauraki Gulf Marine Park,22/10/2019,6/11/2019
Date of expiry following resignation of animal welfare inspector,25/10/2019,6/11/2019
Information on SPCA as approved organisation under Animal Welfare Act 1999,29/10/2019,6/11/2019
Proportion of boats using Quota Management System in NZ and related fisher information,7/10/2019,5/11/2019
Information produced for foresters about alternative tree species since 2014,9/10/2019,5/11/2019
Data on outstanding 28N rights from 1 October 2019,10/10/2019,5/11/2019
Information provided to Ministers regarding rural communities and Rural Proofing Policy,25/09/2019,4/11/2019
Correspondence related to codes of welfare from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],7/10/2019,4/11/2019
Information on Commodity Levy Act objectors including levy groups and dollar amount received,8/10/2019,4/11/2019
Information on animal welfare issues,30/09/2019,1/11/2019
Correspondence between Minister Clark and MPI regarding teratogenic products and warning labels,7/10/2019,1/11/2019
"Information on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] seminars, including costs funded by MPI",26/09/2019,31/10/2019
Copies of written reports on MPI international trips,30/09/2019,31/10/2019
Information on trucking company referred to in animal welfare case [ 9(2)(a) ],29/10/2019,31/10/2019
All communications and any summary briefings regarding Ngati Hine between MPI and Minister Jones,21/08/2019,30/10/2019
Information on spending and assignment of funds from Official Development Assistance programme,4/09/2019,30/10/2019
Information on cattle shipment to China and exporter details,13/09/2019,30/10/2019
Information on use of mitigation measures for tuna and swordfish for 2018,19/09/2019,30/10/2019
GIS data maps of commercial and recreational fisheries ,3/10/2019,30/10/2019
Information to support statements over removal of pipi stocks ,7/10/2019,30/10/2019
Information on agreement between MPI and an industry party,3/09/2019,29/10/2019
Information on proposed new format for Import Health Standards on fresh fruit and vegetables,27/09/2019,29/10/2019
"All reports, papers, memos, documents, advice and correspondence regarding Essential Freshwater package since 1 April 2019",1/08/2019,25/10/2019
All documents shared with external organisations on Essential Freshwater Policy Proposals in the last four weeks,2/09/2019,25/10/2019
Information relating to prohibition notice given by MPI,4/09/2019,25/10/2019
"All documents related to Essential Freshwater and Rural Proofing Policy, including related correspondence with MfE",9/09/2019,25/10/2019
Data on cost-benefits of wilding conifer control,18/09/2019,25/10/2019
Copy of animal export complaint made against requestor,4/10/2019,25/10/2019
"Data on carbon emissions, tree planting and forests converted to farmland",21/10/2019,25/10/2019
"Information on Mbovis including staff numbers, advice given to the Minister, compensation payments and claims process",22/08/2019,24/10/2019
Information on recruitment and use of psychometric testing from 1 July 2017 to 31 July 2019,2/09/2019,24/10/2019
Information regarding animal welfare complaints and previous OIA response,30/09/2019,24/10/2019
Information on animal welfare inspector's license,10/10/2019,24/10/2019
Information on all NAIT animals registered in database,11/10/2019,24/10/2019
Information relating to animal welfare of cattle shipment to China,26/08/2019,23/10/2019
List of grants provided by One Billion Trees since the fund's launch,25/09/2019,23/10/2019
All information sent to Minister Nash prior to Fisheries Notice 2018 MPI 890,25/09/2019,23/10/2019
Copy of report into pig death,26/09/2019,23/10/2019
Data on incidence rates innvolving teat sealants,11/10/2019,23/10/2019
Information relating to organic certification and subsequent food compliance cases,27/08/2019,22/10/2019
Copy of attachment in previous OIA response regarding [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and Fisheries staff member,2/10/2019,22/10/2019
Data on number of infringments and prosecutions issued to transitional facilities for the last five years,19/08/2019,21/10/2019
Copies of 160 reports related to Fisheries Compliance,5/09/2019,21/10/2019
Copy of application form for Managing Pathogen Resistance project,25/09/2019,21/10/2019
Data on overseas propolis imported to NZ over the last year,30/09/2019,21/10/2019
Information relating to food compliance case regarding chickens ,1/10/2019,21/10/2019
Copy of briefing about impact of forestry test in Overseas Investment Act ,4/10/2019,21/10/2019
Documents relating to forestry land lease and the [ 9(2)(ba)(i) ],18/10/2019,21/10/2019
"All documents, briefings and applications related to the Maunganui Bay Temporary Closure from 2010 to present",31/08/2019,18/10/2019
"All documents, briefings and aide memoires related to plant-based meat and milk in the last year, including labelling ",29/08/2019,17/10/2019
Information regarding 1080 contaminants,23/09/2019,17/10/2019
Mortality data for king salmon at [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],22/09/2019,16/10/2019
Information on compliance case regarding wine company from 1 March 2016 to 30 June 2016,24/07/2019,16/10/2019
Information on set or gill net fishing in areas under Maui dolphin protection proposal,21/08/2019,16/10/2019
"All information, including correspondence, related to a Trust for the last two years",18/09/2019,16/10/2019
Information on vessel [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] fishing in Whangaroa Harbour,19/09/2019,16/10/2019
Information on Permanent Forest Sink agreements in Eastern North Island wood supply districts,30/09/2019,16/10/2019
"All information about survey response, and reports regarding transitional facility inspection and renewal",6/08/2019,15/10/2019
"Information relating to [ 9(2)(b)(ii), 9(2)(a) ] animal welfare case",19/09/2019,15/10/2019
Number of paua to customary fisheries annually,7/10/2019,15/10/2019
TB results for feral pig samples from Whirinaki River,14/10/2019,15/10/2019
"Information on payments, rewards and penalties related to Emissions Trading Scheme",9/10/2019,14/10/2019
2018 tests for toxins in pet food ,23/09/2019,11/10/2019
"Copies of specific aide memories, briefings and weekly reports related to One Billion Trees and forestry meetings",22/08/2019,11/10/2019
Data set of organisms entering New Zealand for last few decades,19/09/2019,11/10/2019
All information relating to NAIT compliance complaint made in June or July 2018,13/08/2019,10/10/2019
"Copy of reports, advice, presentations to support biogenic emissions target ",15/08/2019,10/10/2019
Information on animal welfare inspector's license,25/09/2019,10/10/2019
Copy of a Provincial Growth Fund Application,1/10/2019,10/10/2019
"Information, including correspondence, relating to animal welfare investigation into [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ]",8/08/2019,9/10/2019
"All information held by MPI on felling of trees, including milling statement, for property in Whangarei",7/08/2019,8/10/2019
Copy of milling statement and status of felling of trees for property in Whangarei,16/08/2019,8/10/2019
Maps of commercial fishing activity near to Stewart Island ,26/08/2019,8/10/2019
All documents and correspondence relating to recall of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] products,19/09/2019,8/10/2019
"Copy of advice, reports, briefings or aide memoires regarding research into impacts of afforestation",1/08/2019,7/10/2019
Information on Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement consultation process and submissions ,2/08/2019,7/10/2019
Copy of the business case: Tackling New Zealand's Wallaby Challenge,27/08/2019,7/10/2019
Fishing data related to trawling in area close to pipeline ,9/09/2019,7/10/2019
Information on infringement notices under NAIT Act 2012,25/09/2019,7/10/2019
Name of staff member who drafted the file note in relation to non-prosecution decision,24/09/2019,4/10/2019
Information relating to bonamia ostreae and MPI's response,25/09/2019,4/10/2019
"Any reports, memos or advice regarding greyhound racing and animal welfare issues since November 2017",15/07/2019,3/10/2019
All information related to biosecurity compliance case,5/09/2019,3/10/2019
Data on biosecurity risks at [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] in the past year,5/09/2019,3/10/2019
Copies of briefings and correspondence related to import health standards for phase 3 mushrooms,9/09/2019,3/10/2019
All images and videos regarding animals in mud from 2018 to date,16/09/2019,3/10/2019
Copies of reports on THC levels from hemp in food ,25/09/2019,3/10/2019
"All correspondence between MPI and NAWAC regarding development of codes of welfare for cattle, hens, chickens, pigs and fish",9/08/2019,2/10/2019
"List of all briefings, reports and memos prepared by MPI regarding forestry for the last year",15/08/2019,2/10/2019
All documents related to notification about honey exported to China,22/08/2019,1/10/2019
Information about MPI's approach to kauri dieback response,3/09/2019,1/10/2019
Number of food complaints related to early childhood centres since 2014 to present,5/09/2019,1/10/2019
Information on MPI expenditure or money gifted towards Union started by MPI employees for MPI employees,30/07/2019,27/09/2019
Copy of legal advice about fresh water fisheries management under the Fisheries Act,2/09/2019,27/09/2019
Data on current salary ranges for private secretaries seconded from MPI,16/09/2019,27/09/2019
Copy of all video footage and observer photos from 31 March 2018 to 31 March 2019,9/07/2019,26/09/2019
Copy of regulatory impact statement from ACVM changes in 2009 & 2011 and all correspondence and submissions relating to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] or their subsidaries,1/08/2019,26/09/2019
Correspondence regarding Todd McClay from 2014 to present related to horse exports and riding companies,29/08/2019,26/09/2019
All documentation and correspondence between MPI staff members and police about prohibition notice,29/08/2019,26/09/2019
Copy of full meeting minutes from 2016 to 2019 on NAWAC and National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee meetings,19/07/2019,25/09/2019
Information on expenditure for online advertising for the last five years,1/08/2019,25/09/2019
Data on fisheries compliance related to paua in Taranaki region,28/08/2019,25/09/2019
All documents regarding approval of kontiki fishing method,5/09/2019,25/09/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation file [ 9(2)(a) ],13/09/2019,25/09/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation report [ 9(2)(a) ],16/09/2019,25/09/2019
All information held on [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] related to liquor distribution and sale,18/09/2019,25/09/2019
Information on disease type affecting fish,11/09/2019,24/09/2019
Information regarding 1080 and previous OIA response relating to cereal bait,30/07/2019,20/09/2019
Information about expenditure for Primary Sector Council,1/08/2019,20/09/2019
All information relating to animal welfare complaint including outcome,4/08/2019,20/09/2019
Information on seaweed farm permit holders and reported catch since 2006,26/08/2019,20/09/2019
Costs of monitoring or enforcing cruise ship rubbish over the last five years,29/08/2019,20/09/2019
Data on skipjack tuna commercial fishing including tonnage and location for 2000-2018,1/09/2019,20/09/2019
Data on blackfoot paua catch for the last five years,3/09/2019,20/09/2019
Information on ballast water and biofouling compliance in the Northland region,22/08/2019,19/09/2019
Copy of MOU between MPI and RNZSPCA,13/09/2019,19/09/2019
Information on media enquiries and staff demographics in Communications / Public Relations,24/07/2019,18/09/2019
"Copy of investigation report, including action taken, regarding stolen oysters",21/08/2019,18/09/2019
"Information on quota, resources, funding or any other assets allocated to Te Runanga O Te Whanau in relation to Maori Fisheries Act 2004",23/08/2019,18/09/2019
Minute meetings about cannabinoid policies and corespondence from [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],29/08/2019,18/09/2019
Number of animal welfare inspectors employed by MPI,30/08/2019,18/09/2019
Copy of animal welfare inspection report [ 9(2)(a) ],13/09/2019,18/09/2019
Information related to notices of direction to euthanise cattle of requestor and others,17/07/2019,17/09/2019
Information on procedure for decision to destroy property using the Biosecurity Act,20/08/2019,17/09/2019
"All information, including correspondence, regarding [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] compliance case from December 2018",7/08/2019,16/09/2019
List of MPI staff involved in the Essential Freshwater work programme or water directorate from 2013 onwards,19/08/2019,16/09/2019
Information relating to outstanding 28N rights and quota owners,5/09/2019,16/09/2019
Information about 1080 use and breaches of the Animal Welfare Act,16/07/2019,13/09/2019
"Data on basking sharks for the last 20 years, including bycatch and sale of shark fin products.",7/08/2019,13/09/2019
Breakdown of Sum of Effort for 2017/2018 for all FMA's,8/08/2019,13/09/2019
Copy of animal welfare video footage related to investigation [ 9(2)(a) ],26/08/2019,13/09/2019
Copy of response to Ministerial OIA regarding GMO's or Genetic Engineering,26/08/2019,13/09/2019
Information relating to emission reduction and net ETS charging,10/09/2019,13/09/2019
All socio-economic reports from 2000-2019 related to fishing practices in FM Areas 8 & 9 including analysis regarding Maui dolphins,1/07/2019,12/09/2019
Information on cattle export.,18/07/2019,12/09/2019
Copy of documents and correspondence about plans to transit Wairarapa pea growing industry back into production,4/08/2019,12/09/2019
Copy of analysis and background on financial and economic information in the Hectors Dolphin Threat Management Plan,18/07/2019,11/09/2019
Data on background analysis for financial and economic information in the Hectors and Maui Dolphin Threat Management Plan,12/08/2019,11/09/2019
Information on intelligence sharing practices,14/08/2019,11/09/2019
List of entities with approved Risk Management Plans for dairy processing and manufacture,16/08/2019,11/09/2019
Information on policy regarding the penalties of not declaring food items at the border,16/08/2019,11/09/2019
Data on seaweed landings including tonnage and species since 2000 to present ,3/09/2019,11/09/2019
"All correspondence, applications and supporting documents about native fish translocations in the Carterton district",15/07/2019,10/09/2019
Data of recorded sightings by observers of Hector's and Maui dolphins over the last five years,17/07/2019,10/09/2019
"Copy of reports, briefings and correspondence related to the rights of water permit holders from October 2017 to present",22/07/2019,10/09/2019
Copy of animal welfare decision regarding complaint against [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ],8/08/2019,10/09/2019
Copy of literature review for National Environmental Standards for Marine Aquaculture including terms of reference,19/08/2019,10/09/2019
Data on proportion of halal meat exported to the UK,29/08/2019,10/09/2019
Information relating to farmers under investigation by MPI and those banned from owning livestock,15/07/2019,9/09/2019
"Information on food fraud over the last 10 years, including costs of fraud and prosecution numbers",30/07/2019,9/09/2019
Information on animal welfare complaints and prosecutions over the last three years including geographical region of complaint,7/08/2019,9/09/2019
"All communication, internal and external reports, and written reviews of [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] from 1 April to 1 July 2019",10/07/2019,6/09/2019
Information on the vessel [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] including fishing permit and conditions on its continued operation,12/07/2019,6/09/2019
All communications from MPI staff or the minister to all entities regarding use of deer repellents during 1080 operations,12/07/2019,6/09/2019
Information on animal welfare complaints regarding mud for the last five years,9/08/2019,6/09/2019
Information on National Policy Direction Plan and Pathway Management Plan regarding Mbovis,9/08/2019,6/09/2019
Copy of tables from trawl database for blue cod and potting surveys in 2017,16/08/2019,6/09/2019
All information in relation to fisheries compliance prosecution,6/09/2019,6/09/2019
Information relating to decision to issue prohibition notice,27/08/2019,5/09/2019
Data on annual number of information relating to pet food,7/08/2019,4/09/2019
Fisheries catch information for the last five years for area southeast of Otago peninsula,14/08/2019,4/09/2019
Copy of report referred to in National Environmental Standard Marine Aquaculture paper,19/08/2019,4/09/2019
"Copy of briefings, reports or other documents related to fisheries data exempt from OIA due to amendment to the Fisheries Act from 1 January 2019",9/07/2019,3/09/2019
"Information on fresh produce, cut flowers and foliage imports from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019",6/08/2019,3/09/2019
Correspondence regarding Stockholm Food Forum in June 2019,6/08/2019,3/09/2019
"All information, regarding the EAT-Lancet Commission and the Food in the Athropocene report",7/08/2019,3/09/2019
"Information about frequency of fishing activity, type and vessel for New Plymouth area",8/08/2019,3/09/2019
Copies of maps of commerical catch of stargazer in STA5 for the last 10 years,14/08/2019,3/09/2019
Information on Risk Management Programmes for pet food company and any open compliance reports or investigations,19/08/2019,2/09/2019
Copies of policies or guidance to assist Private Secretaries in Ministers' Offices,22/08/2019,2/09/2019
Copy of 'Fisheries Change Programme: Forward Plan' cabinet paper,23/08/2019,2/09/2019
All information including correspondence involving the MPI skills leadership group for the last year,1/07/2019,30/08/2019
Information relating to Mbovis tests conducted from June 2017 to present,12/07/2019,30/08/2019
Information on supporting grounds for redactions in previous OIA request ,17/07/2019,30/08/2019
Data on fishing effort in Squid 6T over the last five fishing seasons,20/08/2019,30/08/2019
Information relating to animal welfare prosecutions and convictions,12/07/2019,29/08/2019
Copy of systems audit of the Poultry Codes of Practice,26/07/2019,29/08/2019
Data on monthly catch landings for FMA1 and FMA5 over time periods of 2005-2015 and 2009-2019,8/08/2019,29/08/2019
Information relating to animal welfare compliance investigation ,8/08/2019,29/08/2019
Data on vessel tracking through the Bay of Plenty / Motiti Protected Area,12/08/2019,29/08/2019
List of plant species imports over the last three years,19/08/2019,29/08/2019
"Information on review of Code of Welfare for dogs, including involvement of other entities, with focus on tethering",31/07/2019,28/08/2019
Information about recruitment process for MPI role,6/08/2019,28/08/2019
Copy of Cabinet paper on Proposed National Policy Statement - Highly Productive Land,16/08/2019,28/08/2019
Copy of section 32 report and other documents referred to in section 13 of National Environmental Standard for Marine Aquaculture ,30/07/2019,27/08/2019
Information on fishing in or near to Taputeranga Marine Reserve and the south coast Wellington region,30/07/2019,27/08/2019
Copy of section 32 report on the National Environmental Standard for Marine Aquaculture,1/08/2019,27/08/2019
Data behind the Status of New Zealand's Fisheries 2018 report,8/08/2019,27/08/2019
Copies of all NAIT submissions received by MPI in full,22/08/2019,27/08/2019
All submissions and related documents regarding the Essential Freshwater work programme,3/08/2019,26/08/2019
Information on imports of quantum computers and or quantum technology,22/08/2019,26/08/2019
Copy of animal manipulation forms filled out by code holders from 2018,26/07/2019,23/08/2019
Data on the average number of working days taken to respond to Privacy Act requests,1/08/2019,23/08/2019
Copy of GIS shape files associated with Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity Report,2/08/2019,23/08/2019
Copy of email chain relating to spotties and potential special permit,12/08/2019,23/08/2019
Copy of photos taken aboard [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] on recent voyage,30/07/2019,22/08/2019
All information including correspondence regarding a compliance case,5/07/2019,21/08/2019
"All correspondence, reports, files and documents related to animal welfare complaints against farm on [ 9(2)(a) ]",31/07/2019,19/08/2019
Information relating to the Primary Sector Council,2/07/2019,16/08/2019
"All information, including emails, relating to shipping consignment from August 2015",13/07/2019,16/08/2019
All reports about plans to put cameras on boats in Maui dolphin habitat,22/07/2019,16/08/2019
All documentation relating to Mbovis compensation claim reference [ 9(2)(a) ],14/07/2019,14/08/2019
Copy of animal welfare complaint against horse transport company,18/07/2019,14/08/2019
Copy of forestry paper relating to Emissions Trading Scheme and carbon averaging,22/07/2019,14/08/2019
Copy of aide memoire and briefing on climate change,12/07/2019,13/08/2019
Information related to Mbovis valuation of cattle and payment letter,11/07/2019,12/08/2019
Data on annual bycatch involving yellow-eyed penguins for the last five years,26/07/2019,12/08/2019
Copy of request to change levy order regarding American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan,19/07/2019,9/08/2019
Information on use of expanded polypropylene and restrictions on burning it,16/07/2019,8/08/2019
Information about leave entitlements for MPI staff,24/07/2019,8/08/2019
Copy of submission on regulatory proposals relating to surgical procedures on animals,29/07/2019,8/08/2019
Copy of all submissions from last round of NAIT consultations,25/07/2019,6/08/2019
Information on pig farm inspections between October 2018 to July 2019 and the 2018 calf season,9/07/2019,5/08/2019
Information related to the email search on swamp kauri exports in previous OIA response,10/07/2019,5/08/2019
Information relating to possum control performance contracts,11/07/2019,5/08/2019
"Copies of any reports, cabinet papers or cabinet minutes related to the Maui/Hector's Threat Management Plan",5/07/2019,2/08/2019
Information about risk analysis conducted on food imports before banning or requiring treatments,4/07/2019,1/08/2019
Information on cattle culled since June 2017 under Section 121,10/07/2019,1/08/2019
"Information on the One Billion Trees programme in the Hawkes Bay region, including project planting, strategy and management plans.",11/07/2019,1/08/2019
Information regarding the effects of 1080 on humans,19/07/2019,1/08/2019
Information relating to counter-terrorism and security,12/07/2019,31/07/2019
Copy of notes and/or phone recording of conversation between Southland animal welfare officer and requestor,13/07/2019,30/07/2019
Copy of regulations for welfare and production of barn-raised hens and eggs for sale to public,25/07/2019,30/07/2019
"Information relating to forest yields based on region, species of tree, year planted and average carbon stock",1/07/2019,29/07/2019
List of documents withheld from a previous OIA request,5/07/2019,29/07/2019
Copy of reports by [ 9(2)(a) ] about Mbovis received or sent by MPI,23/07/2019,29/07/2019
Information on southern scallop working group and access to commercial scallop fishing in Marlborough Sounds,3/07/2019,26/07/2019
Copy of MPI audit of American foulbrood pest management plan,8/07/2019,26/07/2019
"Information related to possums, managing pest control and bovine TB status in New Zealand",10/07/2019,26/07/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation file [ 9(2)(a) ],15/07/2019,26/07/2019
Copy of animal welfare investigation case [ 9(2)(a) ],18/07/2019,26/07/2019
Copy of permitting records for release of fish into pond,2/07/2019,22/07/2019
Copy of Mbovis test results including blood samples,15/07/2019,19/07/2019
Copy of minutes or decision documents for creating two lanes at Auckland International Airport biosecurity screening,14/07/2019,18/07/2019
Data on annual average catch statistics of paua for statistical areas S1-7 inclusive ,8/07/2019,17/07/2019
All emails and other communications received by Minister O'Connor from 26 March to 12 July 2019 relating to Fox River dump,13/07/2019,17/07/2019
Information relating to compliance investigation case ,3/07/2019,12/07/2019
Information about 1080 effects on kea and other avian species,10/07/2019,12/07/2019
All correspondence between [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] and MPI relating to [ 9(2)(b)(ii) ] use between 21 June to 4 July 2019,3/07/2019,11/07/2019