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Wellington City Council 
Ngā Tikanga Whanonga 
Code of Conduct
Living our values

Rārangi upoko 
Wel ington City Council
Ngā Tikanga Whanonga 
Code of Conduct
Ō mātou kiritaki, hapori, hoa kaipakihi
Our customers, communities and the environment
At Wel ington City Council we put our  This section outlines expectations 
customers first.
for providing the level of service 
and engagement our customers 
We seek to actively engage with 
and communities expect.
our communities so we can capture 
•  Our customers
a broad range of views that can be 
•  Our communities
used to help shape our city’s future.
•  Protecting our environment.
We identify ways we can be 
sustainable and minimise our impact 
on the environment.
Our values in action
He tangata,he tangata,  
Whakapai ake
Mahi ngātahi 
Mana tiaki 
he tangata
We’re always improving
We collaborate
We care for our places
We put people at the  
heart of what we do

Rārangi upoko 
Wel ington City Council
Ngā Tikanga Whanonga 
Code of Conduct
Our customers and communities
Protecting our environment
What it means
What it means
We are a service-based organisation, and our customers  
We realise the importance of what our environment 
and communities are at the heart of the services we provide.
provides, and protect it for future generations. We 
Our customers and communities have strong voices that 
will ensure our environment is healthy and resilient.  
need to be heard to inform the Council’s decision making. 
Why it matters
When we engage them on decisions, we look for ways 
Mana tiaki – we care for our places.
to make sure we hear a broad range of views.
The Council has a shared responsibility with Greater 
Why it matters
Wel ington Regional Council to maintain a healthy 
The people of Wel ington are at the heart of the Council’s 
environment as we are the guardians of our city’s 
priorities and plans. We provide a range of services on behalf 
environmental assets.
of Council ors who are elected by the people of Wel ington. 
Our environment contributes to the health and wel being  
The way we deliver these services, either ourselves or 
of our community.
through business partners, impacts the public perception of 
the Council.
There is intrinsic value in biodiversity and for many, 
particularly Māori, it is an essential part of their world view.
How we do it
•  We understand we are representing the Council when 
How we do it
we are engaging with our communities, and we are 
•  Everyone is accountable for observing environmental 
careful not to present our personal views
laws and Council policy
•  We respond appropriately and are aware of, and sensitive  •  We support the city’s goals to reduce carbon emissions, 
to, the needs of Wel ington’s diverse communities and 
and think about impacts of climate change on the city 
how they wish to engage with the Council. We engage 
and the Council
in a respectful and meaningful way so the community is 
•   We will ensure our actions and operating practices 
clear about what it can influence and knows its interests 
do not adversely impact the environment. We consider 
have been considered in the process
the environmental impact of everything we do, 
•  The Council recognises that dealing with customers may 
including actions that other parties take on our behalf 
be chal enging. The Council will support customer-facing 
(e.g. contractors).
teams so they have the tools and strategies to manage 
Examples of misconduct
difficult customers
•  Negatively impacting the environment through 
•  We do what we say we will do by the time we say 
the irresponsible disposal of harmful waste.
we will do it
•  We keep our customers informed if we can’t resolve 
an issue. We explain to our customers why we are 
passing the issue to somebody else
•  When we get something wrong, we apologise and we fix it
•  The Council supports and resources customer-facing 
teams to resolve service requests and complaints.
Examples of serious misconduct
•  Deliberately misrepresenting or excluding community 
groups in Council activities that impact them
•  Being disrespectful to customers and demonstrating 
behaviours that impact negatively on the reputation 
of the Council.
For more information
•  Refer to our Standard for Delivering Excel ent 
Customer Service.