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04 March 2020 
Official Information Request No. 8140006349 
 (Please quote this in any correspondence) 
Simon Veritas 
[FYI request #12157 email] 
Dear Simon 
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 
Re: Consultant for commercialisation of building consent school 
I refer to your email, which we received on 04 February 2020, requesting information 
regarding consultant for commercialisation of building consent school. 
Please see your specific questions with response below: 
1. Has Mark Flowers, former Chief Executive of Wintec, been approached to
conduct a review of the current Building Training School, or to conduct any
other work for Auckland Council;
Mr Flowers is not doing any work for Auckland Council. There has been one informal 
conversation with him about a potential project. We have not offered him the work.  
2. If so, was this the result of a competitive tender process or single-source
Since Mr Flowers has never been appointed for any project this question is not 
3. If so, who was responsible for his appointment?
Mr Flowers has not been appointed to any position to Auckland Council. 
4. If so, was this person aware of the 2015 and 2018 investigations into the
conduct of Mr Flowers carried out by Wintec and Audit NZ?
The person who had the informal conversation with Mr Flowers was aware of the 
investigations involving Mr Flowers and Wintec commissioned audit reports, as well 
as the subsequent outcomes of those investigations. 
5. If so, is the Chief Executive of Auckland Council aware of this appointment?
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See answer to question 2. 
6. If so, was the decision to select Mr Flowers reviewed with any internal
integrity and/or professional standards unit?”
Not applicable for the reason stated above in question 1. 
Decisions relating to what information is being released to you were made by Phil 
Wilson, Governance Director.  
Should you believe Auckland Council has not responded appropriately to your 
request, you have the right by way of complaint, under section 27(3) of the LGOIMA, 
to apply to the Ombudsman to seek an investigation and review of the decision. 
If you have any further queries, please contact me on 09 301 0101 quoting Official 
Information Request No 8140006349.  
Yours sincerely 
Prasta Rai 
Privacy & LGOIMA Business Partner 
Democracy Services 
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