This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'VUW: Evidence Of Ability to Comply with the Public Records Act and the OIA'.

You are able to use copyright material for 
teaching and learning, provided that you 
comply with the requirements of either 
the NZ Copyright Act, or the licenses 
granted to the University for the use of 
copyright material.  For more information 
copyright.  In the NZ Copyright Act the 
educational provisions are very restrictive 
– there are no ‘fair dealing’ provisions in 
New Zealand.
For further information contact 
[email address]
Information and Records 
All information held by the University, 
including by Council or by individual 
staff members, is subject to the Official 
Information Act (OIA), and therefore 
can be requested by any member of 
the public. This includes all emails, 
files, memos, records, images and 
What you need to know
even handwritten notes.  Any request 
for information comes under the OIA, 
whether the requester refers to the OIA 
or not.
All OIA requests should be forwarded to 
[VUW request email] - it is important 
to act promptly as all requests for 
information must be responded to within 
20 working days of receipt of the request.
NEED HELP OR ADVICE?     Visit our intranet site at
services-resources/record-management or contact the Information and 
Records Management team at [email address]
Capital thinking. Globally minded.

You!  All permanent and temporary 
Anything that records University 
University staff, academic and 
decisions, actions or activities.
professional (including contractors).
Always keep University information, 
Can be in any format - emails, texts, 
You are responsible for the records you 
documents, and records secure at 
The Information and Records 
Word documents, social media, 
create or receive when conducting 
all times.  This includes transferring 
Management (IRM) team has a 
PowerPoint, Excel, or hard copies. 
University business.  They belong to the 
information on a USB stick or accessing 
University-wide mandate to support 
University – check with your manager 
it remotely – including the use of home 
the management of information and 
about the processes and procedures. 
computers or personal devices.  Ensure 
university records at the University.  
the devices you use remotely are 
password protected and have up to date 
Make sure you are familiar with the 
 So everyone can:
anti-virus protection and that you are 
policies relating to information and 
Always use University systems such 
Find the right and most up to date 
familiar with the information security 
as email, shared drives, SharePoint, 
records management here:  victoria.
information and the documents we 
policies and procedures. ( You can find 
to save, store and share your
need, when we need it.
these at
University information.  (Dropbox, 
Keep information private and secure.
Box and Google Docs are not 
You can contact us with any queries 
university approved systems).  If you 
Be confident that the information is 
at [email address]. 
are not sure which system to use, ask 
they have is correct. 
your manager.
Have evidence of how, why and when 
Ask yourself – could someone else 
actions and decisions were taken (to 
find this information easily when 
show accountability to stakeholders 
they need to?
(staff, students, alumni, University 
Council), government and the wider 
Not sure if you can delete or destroy 
information, documents or records? 
Contact the Information and Records 
You need to take particular care 
Manage and mitigate risks associated 
Management team for advice.
when creating, accessing or handling 
with business continuity and 
information, documents and records that 
information security.
contain personal or sensitive information 
Access documents that record past 
about staff or students.  If you have access 
You can:
decisions, actions and events, so that 
to this type of information as part of your 
we can understand the decision, 
Find information you need quickly 
role at the University ensure that you 
what worked well, what didn’t work 
and easily, when you need it.
lock your pc whenever you leave it.  Do 
so well and how we can improve.
not access University systems containing 
Keep your documents, files and other 
personal or sensitive information from 
records secure.
insecure locations (e.g. internet cafes) 
Share information easily with others. 
or unsecured personal devices.  If the 
records are physical ensure that they are 
locked away when not in use.   
NEED HELP OR ADVICE?     Visit our intranet site at
management or contact the Information and Records Management team at [email address]