This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'NZTA owned dash cam footage'.

4 September 2019 
Gerard Byrne
[FYI request #10979 email] 
REF: OIA-5602 
Dear Gerard 
Request made under the Official Information Act 1982 
Thank you for your email of 14 August 2019 requesting the following information under the Official 
Information Act 1982 (the Act): 
‘can you please provide all video footage and all gps readouts for Vehicle registration numbers:   

on Ranui road, Karetu, driven by a NZTA employee from March 2017 to January 2019. I would 
only like the coverage of this road.  
i know the vehicles were not owned by nzta, but the dash cams were owned and paid for by nzta 
as stated by your ex employee in a court sworn affidavit, and who also has possession of these 
video dash cam recordings. 
These dash cam recordings contain multiple images of my family including my son from as young 
as 4yrs old on our own property as your employee filmed us as he drove past twice daily. 
I am refusing your request under section 27(1)(g) of the Act because the disclosure of this information 
would breach legal professional privilege.  
I do not consider that it is in the public interest to make this information available. 
Under section 28 of the Act, you have the right to ask the Ombudsman to review my decision to refuse 
your request. You can find the contact details for the Ombudsman at 
If you would like to discuss this reply with the NZ Transport Agency, please contact Linda Bird, Lead 
Advisor Employment Relations, by email to [email address] or by phone on 04 894 5400. 
Yours sincerely 
Chris Lokum 
General Manager, People