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Proposals for Smart Services – Summary 
Summary of Documents 
 Non-Disclosure 
  Marlborough District Council Request for Proposals for Smart Services Provision 
Full Description of Services Sought 
Marlborough District Council (Council) is releasing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Smart Services 
project in relation to a comprehensive Marine Monitoring and Surveillance solution in the Marlborough 
Council has embarked on this project to see sensors attached to Sounds-based marine farms and other 
marine sites and for this data to be transported to Council for use in a range of ways, including 
environmental management of the Sounds. 
End User Application 
While aquaculture is the focus for Smart Services, virtually everyone in Marlborough will benefit.  Our 
Harbourmaster is looking at Smart Services to deliver improved navigational data for vessels, ferries and 
boaties, and better surveillance and monitoring.  DOC is supportive so it can monitor Sounds visitors, 
particular in well-used areas like Queen Charlotte Track and for pest management and species monitoring 
Council recognises the important role that aquaculture plays as a key regional growth path for our region.  
We have also identified the importance of having substantially better environmental information across 
Marlborough as a core component of our Smart + Connected framework to drive and secure sustainable 
economic growth, development and resilience for the region.  Smart Services is the next step in that process. 
Requested Technologies 
The Council RFP is seeking partners to provide costed solutions for the supply, installation and operation of 
IoT (Internet of Things) based monitoring arrays, surveillance cameras, information transport and a data 
capture and analytics platform to process the acquired data. 
Value of Contract 
At this stage, the value is unknown and the purpose of the RFP is to help define the budget requirements 
and identify the potential partner or partners that will work with the MDC to bring this vision to reality. 
Council and its advisors have invested substantial time and funds over an extended period to develop the 
Intellectual Property and Commercial Property.  All suppliers are required to have completed a Non-
Disclosure Agreement prior to being provided with a RFP.  Any proposal submitted without completing a 
Non-Disclosure Agreement will be non-compliant and rejected.  
The purpose of the Non-Disclosure Agreement is to govern all aspects related to the use, retention and 
disclosure of confidential information by the supplier and the Council and the Intellectual Property and 
Commercial Property and to protect the Intellectual Property and Commercial Property from misappropriation 
and misuse by the supplier and/or any third party.