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Dear Sharna   Thank you for your email of 12 August 2019.   All testing of water supplies in the Thames-Coromandel District is undertaken in f...
Dear Wendy, Council has until 6^th September 2023 to respond to your request received 9^th August 2023, recepit of which was acknowledged on 10^th A...
Map of cell sites in the Coromandel Colville ward
Response by Thames-Coromandel District Council to Wendy Pond on .
Partially successful.
Dear Wendy,   I refer to your official information request received 22^nd August 2023.    1. Please provide a map showing the locations of the...
Fraud Policy PLease
Response by Thames-Coromandel District Council to Angela on .
Partially successful.
Dear Angela,   I refer to our letter dated 22^nd February 2023. As we have not received any clarification on the request, it is refused under se...
Good Morning,   I refer to your request for official information pursuant to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOI...
  Dear GS   In response to your request we can supply the following information:   ·         Report and attachment presented to Council 31 Ja...
  Hello – Further to your email received amending your request for information, in relation to point 1 a search of our system for 2018 and 2019 sho...
Library wage levels
Response by Thames-Coromandel District Council to R Leveson on .
Hello - 13 people are employed in our library service. Regards Helen
Response by Thames-Coromandel District Council to Sam Fraser on .
Dear Sam,   Please find attached response from David Hammond, Chief Executive, to your official information request below.   Kind regards,  ...
Good afternoon This Council does not open its Council meetings with a prayer and has not done so in the ten years that I have been with the organisati...

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