This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'A decision was made in 2012 by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to make changes to its policy on the issue of NZ Passports – changes that appear contrary to the passports Act 1992.'.
The Department of Internal Affairs is currently reviewing its  operational 
policies regarding the issuance of passports for transgender applicants, where 
they wish to record a change in gender identity.  The expectation of the review 
is to implement a more flexible policy. 
The Department’s current thoughts are that applicants would need to provide 
a witnessed Statutory Declaration with their passport  application, outlining 
their circumstances, and advising the gender identity they wish to be 
displayed in their passport. 
It is intended that the new gender identity would be displayed in the passport 
only and will not alter a person’s birth or citizenship record. 
This change will have no effect on the Births. Deaths and Marriages and 
Relationships Registration Act 1995 which allows for an adult or guardian of 
an eligible child to apply to the New Zealand Family Court for a declaration to 
have their birth record reflect their nominated gender. 
The Department has been consulting with communities across New Zealand 
with an expectation of being able to implement a new flexible policy in 
September 2012. 
The Department invites any feedback regarding this issue to be forwarded by 
email to: 
[email address]  
Act 1982