This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'QLDC Failure to ratify Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration'.

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14 March 2019 
Morgan Varaine 
Sent via email to [FYI request #9640 email] 
Dear Morgan, 
Thank you for your request for official information dated 20 February 2019. You have requested the 
following information from the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC): 
  All meeting agendas and minutes as well as councillor voting records related to the Local 
Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration, and the QLDC failing to ratify said 
QLDC response 
We can confirm that the Climate Change Declaration was discussed by Full Council in November 
2015, and a declaration made under item 17 as seen here:
It is also recorded in the minutes of that meeting that the Council heard items in public forum 
relating to the declaration and agreed to the Mayor (Vanessa Van Uden at that time) signing the 
declaration (pg. 24 here:

It’s also worthy of note that QLDC is committed to supporting the effort to reduce the effects of 
climate change, and is currently engaging through the My Place roadshow and accompanying online 
engagement on a draft climate change strategy. This process of pre-consultation will help inform the 
draft strategy and associated action plan which will undergo formal consultation later in the year. 
The Mayor and councillors are 100% behind this approach. 
Note that within QLDC minutes, voting statistics are assumed unanimous unless recorded otherwise. 
We trust this response satisfactorily answers your request. 

Madeline Patterson  
Governance and Official Information Advisor