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Ana Nicholls
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Tuesday, 15 January 2019 8:45 PM
BUS: Assurance
Re: Requests for information with Council
Hi Ashley, 
Thanks for that. That is all for the traffic lights. I do have a request for a water leak that wasn't fixed also. 
For the FYI one, would it be possible to keep that on FYI. I'm happy for the rest here rather than twitter. 
under section 7(2)(a)
On Tue, 15 Jan 2019, 5:23 PM BUS: Assurance <[email address] wrote: 
Hi Withheld under   section 7(2)(a)
Happy New Year, I hope you managed to find some sunshine over the break. 
I’m touching base with you as I understand you have made a number of requests regarding traffic 
light timing through a few different channels and I’m wanting to ensure I’ve captured them all for you. 
I am currently aware of four open requests on this topic:  
1.     10 January – via email in response to your request for information about cyclist speed. You have 
asked for the light timing to be changed. 
2.     11 January – via FYI asking for all correspondence regarding light timing safety issues following 
your email (mentioned above). 
3.     10 January – via Twitter “I was told by the council that amber length is timed so that any vehicle 
travelling at the speed limit would be able to safely complete the intersection before the red turned 
on. Is that not correct?” 
4.      10 January – via Twitter “any policies the council has on the stopping distance and times of 
heavy vehicles…” 
Are you able to confirm if there is any other information you feel you are waiting for and I can get 
that sorted for you.  

It would also be appreciated if you were able to channel your requests through the assurance team 
so that I can make sure I’m getting you all the information you are interested in.  
I’m more than happy to give you a call if it would be easier to discuss any of this over the phone. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Kind Regards  
Ashley Fry  
TL Complaints & Information Assurance | | Wellington City Council 
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