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Ana Nicholls
Ana Nicholls
Monday, 4 February 2019 10:31 AM
Paul Barker
Withheld under section 7(2)(a)  information request
Morning Paul, 
Another information request by Withheld under  : 
section 7(2)(a)
In addition, I would like to make a follow-up request: 
Can I please have any evidence the council of any cyclists travelling at a speed lower than 20km/h on any 
intersection without the council's control. This could be any internal design (such as when the various bike 
lanes (Victoria st, island bay, oriental bay, etc) was developed or monitored, any personal experience of any 
cyclists employed by or contracted by the council (such as the Mayor I believe is a cyclist, as well as the ex-
Mayor), any submissions in from the public (such as my various comments when I'm travelling, for example 
14.2 km/h. 
In regards to cycleway projects, was there any types of measures that Council performed that related 
to the design?  
As for collating feedback from Council employers and Councillors, I am going to decline because of 
the time it would take. 
Look forward to hearing from you. 
Ana Nicholls 
Assurance Advisor | Wellington City Council 
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