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Ana Nicholls
Soon Teck Kong
Friday, 1 February 2019 8:58 AM
Ana Nicholls
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Hi Ana, 
Please find below our response to paragraph 2 of the attached email. 
The all-red timesetting for Victoria St approach to Karo / Victoria intersection is 2.5s. It is based on 
Clause 6.4.2 of Austroads Guide Part 7. We have adopted a design speed of 40km/h for vehicles 
passing the limit line at the end of the amber period. We aim to ensure these vehicles avoid potential 
conflict with other vehicles or pedestrians. 
Vehicles that travel at lower speeds than the design speed will usually be able to stop during the 
amber period before entering the intersection.  
Drivers are required to comply with the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 including Part 3 
Traffic signs and signals of the Rule.  Part 3.2(4) of the Rule states “While a steady yellow signal in 
the form of a disc is displayed, - (a) a driver facing the signal must not enter the controlled area while 
the signal is displayed unless the driver’s vehicle is, when the signal first appears, so close to the 
controlled area that it cannot safely be stopped before entering the area. 
Cyclists travel at a lower speed than 40km/h and therefore many cyclists will be able to stop safely 
prior to entering the intersection when the amber signal is displayed. If however cyclists enter the 
intersection during the end of the green period and at the start of the amber period, the design speed 
of 20km/h for cyclists will allow the cyclists to clear the intersection during the balance of the amber 
period and the all-red period.   
If you have any questions, please contact 
 or myself. 
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Soon Teck Kong 
Manager, Network Operations | CPEng (Civil), CMEngNZ | Wellington City Council 
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