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Hugh Davenport 
[FYI request #9569 email] 
Dear Mr Davenport 
Request for information 2019-042 
I refer to your request for information dated 12 February 2019, which was received by Greater 
Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) on 12 February 2019. You have requested the following 
I would like to request any information held by GWRC, Metlink, and the bus operators for the 
following incidents that have been reports. I would be interested in the investigation the operators 
took, whether any dashcam footage was requested by anyone or viewed, whether any black box data 
was requested by anyone or viewed, and whether there was any involvement from NZ Police to 
either GWRC, Metlink, the bus operator, or the bus driver. 
1) 4th dec, 11am, route 52 northbound. A bus runs a red light while pedestrians still crossing on 
green man, forcing one to run. Mentioned via email to Bruce Horsefield and the info address on 10 
Dec. Also mentioned on twitter at on 
4 Dec, and also via email on 4 Dec. Bruce replied on 13 Dec suggesting that the operator viewed 
the footage. 
2) 12 Dec, 8:43am, route 83 northbound. Mentioned via email to Bruce Horsefield and the info 
address on 12 Dec in multiple emails (one mentioned specifically that I didn't want the original 
complaint to be drowned out in the email chain). Also mentioned on twitter at on 12 Dec 
My reasoning for this request is that the NZ Police have been informed by myself, and their actions 
towards investigating this has led me to believe minimal contact between NZ Police and the bus 
operator and/or drivers was made. I would like to know what level of contact was recorded by 
Metlink and the operators, in addition to what actions were taken by Metlink and the operators 
independently of the NZ Police

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s response follows. 
4th December incident 
The incident that occurred on 4th December 2019 was initially notified to info@metlink by you via 
an email containing a link to a twitter site that had a video of the incident. The incident was recorded 
as a case in the Metlink ‘Resolve’ customer resolution management system. 
On 4th December 2019 the GWRC Manager Bus and Ferry Operations was in direct email contact 
with the Chief Executive Officer of the bus operator to advise him of the incident. The Chief 
Executive Officer of the bus company acknowledged the incident and undertook to look into the 
matter as well as referring it on to the provider’s training team. On 13 December 2019, in response 
to a follow-up email from you, we advised you of the outcome of this case.   
In relation to the incident of 4 December 2019, this was a matter for the bus operator to address 
directly. It is not information that GWRC holds.  Equally GWRC does not hold any information 
about any contact that may have occurred between the bus operator, or the bus driver, and the NZ 
Police.  As GWRC does not hold the requested information I am therefore refusing your request 
under section 17(g) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 as the 
information is not held by GWRC. 
Further to this GWRC Metlink did not request and does not hold any dashcam footage, or black box 
data relating to the above incident, and there is no record of GWRC having or being in contact with 
the Police regarding this incident.   
A copy of the information that we hold relating to this incident, including correspondence with the 
bus operator, is enclosed as Attachment 1.  
12th December incident 
On the 12 December 2019 you contacted us by email to notify us of an incident that you observed  
I was on footpath. Heard a bus beep loudly, looked over and noticed a cyclist swerve back into the 
right lane, and the bus drove rather quickly brushing tyre against the curb. In such a hurry ... To 
While more specific information was sought from you at the time, it was still not sufficient for the 
Customer Resolution Coordinator to follow-up further. In addition as we received no other 
complaints from any other 3rd parties or from the cyclist themselves, the case was closed. 
The information that we hold from the Resolve system in relation to this incident is enclosed as 
Attachment 2. 
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If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an investigation and review by the Ombudsman under section 27(3) of the Local Government 
Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  
Yours sincerely 
Greg Pollock 
General Manager, Public Transport