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18 February 2019 
File Ref:  OIAP–7 9536 
Mike Mellor 
[FYI request #9435 email] 
Dear Mr Mellor 
Request for information 2019-014 
I refer to your request for information dated 20 January 2019, which was received by Greater 
Wellington Regional Council on 20 January 2019. You have requested the following information: 
The information in the "Our Data week" documents linked from page 
is useful, but the documents are missing for the weeks commencing: 

- before 5 November 2018; 
- 17, 24 and 31 December 2018. 
Please supply the same information as in the available documents for these weeks, from the full 
implementation of PTOM in July 2018.
Greater Wellington Regional Council’s decision follows. 
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We are planning to upload the data for 
December 2018 onto the public website this week, at the website address below: 
As the information will soon be publically available I have made the decision to refuse this part of 
your request under section 17(d). 

At this stage publication of all of our data is not an automated process.  Until we started publishing 
data in November 2018 we were not reporting information in the form that is available on the 
Metlink website. There have also been a number of significant timetable changes for Tranzit in 
November 2018 and for NZ Bus on 3 February 2019 which means the information prior to 5 
November is not representative of network performance. For this reason and to make the data easier 
for our customers to use, we make available information in a weekly format onto our website.  
While we could provide you with data for the period previous to 5 November we estimate that it 
would take us in excess of 20 hours to collate and prepare this information. For this reason I am 
refusing your request under section 17(f) of the Local Government Official Information and 
Meetings Act 1987 (the Act) on the grounds that the information requested cannot be made available 
without substantial collation or research. We also do not consider that imposing a charge or 
extending the time frame would enable us to process your request without adverse impact to GWRC 
We have considered whether the public interest in the requested information outweighs Greater 
Wellington Regional Council’s need to refuse your request, and we do not consider that the public 
interest outweighs Greater Wellington Regional Council’s reason for refusing the information under 
the grounds identified above. 
If you have any concerns with the decision(s) referred to in this letter, you have the right to request 
an investigation and review by the Ombudsman under section 27(3) of the Act. 
Yours sincerely 
Greg Pollock 
General Manager, Public Transport