This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Access to live stream of city cameras'.
22 March 2019
Mr Chandler
By Email: [FYI request #9335 email]
Dear Mr Chandler
INFORMATION REQUEST – Councils relationship with Nutech Security
We write in response to your email dated 25 February 2019 (received by council in 25 February
2019) in which you requested the following information:
1.  Can you please advise of the Council's relationship with Nutech Security, specifically (but
not limited to); Security Cameras around Tauranga.
2.  The cost to TCC for monitoring.
3.  The purpose of these cameras.
4.  Where the images are stored.
We have considered your request in accordance with the Local Government Official Information
and Meetings Act 1987 (“LGOIMA”) and respond as follows.
1.  As a long established security company, Nutech has fulfilled contracts for Tauranga City
Council for more than 20 years.  The scope of these contracts has included patrol services
and static guards as well as electronic security and CCTV installations.  In specific regard
to security cameras for TCC,  Nutech currently holds the TC152/18 - CCTV camera
renewals 2018/19 contract.
2.  Nutech does not provide any CCTV monitoring service to TCC.
3.  CCTV cameras perform a number of functions, however most cameras in public spaces
are used for traffic monitoring and/or crime prevention although there are some with
specific functions such as wrong way detection asset monitoring and counting.
4.  All CCTV footage is stored in a secure TCC network video recorder.  If footage is required
for evidential purposes it's copied to a separate drive, otherwise footage is overwritten

within a few weeks. No public streams are available due to these being operations
cameras that can show sensitive images.  Access to recorded footage is also restricted in
accordance with the principals of The Privacy Act 1993.
Yours faithfully
Nick Swallow
Legal and Risk