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Notice of Valuation
(Please note this is not a rates notice)
Private Bag 92300, Victoria Street 
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Civic Administration Building 
PO Box 74598
1 Greys Avenue, Auckland
10 November 2014
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future reference. From 1 July 2015, your share of rates will be based, in part, on the capital value shown below.
Valuation details (as at 1 July 2014 – the effective date of the Auckland Council general revaluation)
Land value 
Value of improvements 
Capital value (rateable value) 
Reason for notice 
General Revaluation
Property information
Valuation reference
Property location
Buckley Avenue, Hobsonville
Property description
Legal description
LOT 6 DP 463057
Land area
Local authorities use information contained in the District Valuation  An owner or ratepayer (if different) may object to any information 
Roll to set rates. This notice details information on your property 
contained in a notice of valuation within the time and in the manner 
that is contained in the District Valuation Roll of Auckland Council. 
The Rating Valuations Act 1998 obliges councils to maintain the 
you object to a value that is a component of your valuation, Auckland 
valuation rolls but allows them to choose their valuation service provider. 
Council will review that value, and may also review any other value 
The Valuer-General regulates the maintenance of District Valuation 
components of the rating unit, i.e. land value, value of improvements, 
Rolls to ensure that they meet the minimum standards set out in 
capital value or annual value. 
the Rating Valuations Act 1998, the Rating Valuations Regulations 
1998 and the Rating Valuations Rules.
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Updating your details 
Making an objection
  "  #$   !    #$   # and download a change of 
received no later than 5pm on 19 December 2014.
name and address form. You do not need to raise an objection to 
To object to any of the values on this notice, see the objection 
change these details.
information over the page.
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More about rating valuations
How are leasehold properties valued?
The Rating Valuation Act 1998 requires all properties to be valued on 
What is a rating valuation?
a freehold basis for rating purposes. The capital value of a leasehold 
A rating valuation is a mass appraisal valuation of a property used by 
property is an assessment of the likely selling price of the property as 
the council for rating purposes.  
at 1 July 2014 assuming the property is freehold.  
When will rates be affected by the  
Who carries out the revaluation?
2014 revaluation?
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an independent organisation, Quotable Value (QV), to determine a 
The 2014 revaluation will not affect rates until 1 July 2015. 
value for each property. 
What is the connection between rates and valuation? 
What is the Valuer-General’s role in revaluations? 
Auckland Council rating valuations are one component in determining 
The Valuer-General (VG) audits rating valuations for every property in 
what portion of the region’s total rates you will pay.
New Zealand to ensure the values and processes undertaken meet the 
The required total rates revenue is set through the council’s annual 
standards set out in the rating valuations rules.
planning process. The planning process includes public consultation.
The VG has to approve the values before they can be published and 
This total is then apportioned across ratepayers using a combination  
used for rating purposes.
of factors, including the capital value (CV) of your property.
A change in a property’s CV does not automatically mean rates will 
What was my 2011 valuation?
increase or decrease because of that change. 
Visit to see your 2011 
valuation details.
What do the terms capital value, land value and 
improvement value mean?
Making an objection
Capital value: the assessment of the most likely selling price had  
the property (including buildings and all other improvements on  
The Rating Valuations Act 1998 allows valuation objections.
the land, excluding chattels) been sold on the date of the valuation  
(1 July 2014).
Please be aware that:
Land value: the assessment of the probable price that would have 
•  objections must be received no later than 5pm on  
been paid for the bare land as at 1 July 2014. It includes development 
19 December 2014
work such as drainage, retaining walls and levelling, but disregards any 
•  objections must be lodged online or in writing 
buildings or other improvements to the property.
•  an objection cannot be accepted unless all of the  
Improvement value: the value of improvements is the difference 
information required by the Act and the Regulations, including 
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the values you think should apply to the property, is supplied. 
value given to the land by buildings, other structures and landscaping.
These requirements are listed on the objection form. 
•  a reason for the objection is required for an objection to  
Will my property sell for the capital value printed  
be valid. 
on my notice? 
To make an objection:
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• go to and enter your 
if it was offered for sale on 1 July 2014.  However, the Auckland 
objection online or download an objection form and send it  
property market is dynamic and values may have changed by the time 
to the address below
you have received this valuation notice (November 2014).  
•  pick up an objection form from any Auckland Council library, 
How are the valuations calculated? 
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Given there are about 525,000 properties in Auckland it is logistically 
the address below 
impossible to inspect them all individually. As such, rating valuations 
•  phone 0508 000 021 to request a form. 
are calculated using mass appraisal techniques.
Once a valid objection has been lodged, you will receive a letter 
When we assess the value of your property we consider the following 
of acknowledgement within 10 working days and your objection 
will be referred to a valuer for consideration. This may include a 
•  what properties are selling for in your neighbourhood
discussion with you, and by arrangement, an inspection of the 
•  the type of property – house, town house, factory, shop, etc.
property should this be necessary.
•  information in the District Valuation Roll, which contains the 
Address your written objection to:
valuation details of individual properties in the Auckland region
Auckland Council 
•  information about industrial and commercial rental trends obtained 
Valuation Objection 
from market surveys
Private Bag 92300 
•  changes that have been made to your property since the last 
Auckland 1142
revaluation (2011).
Visit for more information
or call 0508 000 021