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07 August 2018 
Graham Carter  
[FYI request #8341 email]  
Dear Graham 
Official Information Request – Development of Trout Farming 
Thank you for your request for information dated 17 July 2018, asking – “How much ratepayers 
money have the BoP Regional Council spent trying to develop trout farming.” 
Council involvement in any discussions regarding the development of trout farming has been 
indirectly through the Bay of Connections – the region’s economic development framework, 
which we administer on behalf of Bay of Plenty region.  The Bay of Connections facilitates a 
range of sector and industry groups for the purposes of regional economic development.  See  
One of the sector groups in the portfolio is the Regional Aquaculture Organisation.  This is an 
open group consisting of representatives of industry, science, local and central government, and 
other parties interested in developing aquaculture across the region.  Members discuss the 
development of a range of species, such as kingfish, hapuka, trout, geoduck, seaweed, among 
In 2015, the Bay of Connections, in partnership with Central Government, took part in the 
nation-wide Regional Growth Programme. Trout farming was raised by a range of regional 
stakeholders as an economic opportunity and subsequently included in this independent 
The report was funded by Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment.   
Staff have had discussions in this space, however, no money has been spent on developing 
trout farming. 
Please note that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman under  
Section 27(3) of the Act. The Ombudsman’s Office can be contacted by calling 0800 802 602, 
emailing [email address] or online at 
If you contact the Council about this request, please quote the BOPRC reference number 
Yours faithfully 
Namouta Poutasi  
Acting General Manager Strategy and Science
Objective ID: A2932193