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Thompson & Clark position
Tuesday, 13 March 2018 10:53:48 AM
Please see below message from one of our directors in relation to ongoing and inaccurate media
reporting. Please pass onto your SMT and advise if you require anything further:
In view of recent comments in the media please accept this email as confirmation of Thompson
& Clark’s position.
Thompson & Clark only operate within the rules and regulations of the security industry and
within the law and follow the Governments Protective Security Requirements (PSR) which
outlines the Government’s expectations for managing personnel, physical and information
security, reference:
Thompson & Clark are on the all of government services panel for operations management and
risk and protective security services.
Although not relevant to PFR, Thompson & Clark’s purpose in respect of these claims is to keep
clients staff safe from those who oppose their clients lawful activities.
Thompson & Clark do not engage in “spying,” as reported in the media.
Thompson & Clark will co-operate fully with any State Services enquiry and strongly refute the
allegations made within the media.
Kind Regards 
PO Box 301775, Albany, NSMC 0752, New Zealand
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