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Thompson+Clark SITREP: Animal Rights: 08 July 2015
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Thompson+Clark SitRep
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Situation Report
Animal Rights & GMO
Thompson+Clark Fusion Centre 
Date: 08 July 2015


SAFE Aims For the Youth 'Vote'
08 July
In its latest action against the Egg Industry, the national animal rights group SAFE
has launched a school holiday colouring competition for children, offering total
prizes of $1200. Promotion for the competition says, "It's very sad to think that
most of New Zealand’s hens live in squalid, overcrowded, sunless cages, just so
that some people can eat cheap eggs. This competition celebrates hens who live as
our companions instead".
The entry form includes ways that children can "help caged hens" by suggesting (for
example) that children get their family to "promise not to bug cage and colony
eggs" and getting them to talk to their "friends about caged hens". The competition
also encourages children aged 8-14 years to join SAFE's youth arm.
SAFE is offering a total of six prizes, each worth $200 to children who enter. The
competition closes on 31 July.
GE Free Protests Coming Up?
07 July
A coalition of Auckland groups held an "emergency meeting" this week to discuss
their reaction to what they see as Government plans to take a more assertive
approach to research into genetically modified trees. Probably the most concerning
aspect of this meeting was that it while was advertised as being organised by the
Auckland GE Free coalition, the organiser was in fact a member of the militant
group Socialist Aotearoa and it was held at the Unite Trade Union headquarters, a
union which is effectively controlled and run by this militant left wing group.
The debate over genetic engineering is not something Socialist Aotearoa has
previously bothered itself with too much, but in accordance with its socialist
principles it looks for grass roots issues that it can align itself with in order to
expand its support base. It appears about 20 people attended this meeting.
Tuesday's meeting was held in response to a growing cry amongst many anti-GE
groups that the Government's decision to seek public feedback on its new National
Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry is a precursor to the liberalisation
of development of new strains of genetically modified trees.
Opponents believe the new standards will remove the authority local bodies
currently have over the control over genetically modified organisms in their region
(a position the Environment Court has recently upheld but which Federated
Farmers is appealing).
Other anti-GE groups, such as GE-Free New Zealand, have continued to respond

negatively to the announcement by the Ministry of Primary Industries that it will be
hosting a series of hui around the country to explain the background to the new
standard for plantation forestry and seek public feedback. On Monday, GE-Free
New Zealand urged as many of its members as possible to attend these hui and
voice their opposition to the proposed standards. At least two other groups, Stop
GE Trees NZ and the Awareness Party, have launched petitions opposing the
standards. Both petitions demand that a moratorium is placed on any further
development, field trialling or release of GE trees in New Zealand.
Militant Group Reactivates
07 July
After a hiatus lasting almost a year, one of the country's most militant animal
rights groups has suddenly reactivated its dormant Facebook page. Animal Freedom
Aotearoa (AFA) has been dormant since August 2014, but this week suddenly again
began making posts on its Facebook page.
Launched in Auckland in February 2010, AFA claimed to have active cells in Otaki,
Wellington, and Auckland who were committed to campaigns against the use of fur
in the fashion industry; foie gras in restaurants; the use of animals in testing; and
against the operations of the New Zealand Egg Industry. Its greatest success was
perhaps forcing a French restaurant in  Wellington to stop serving foie gras after
repeated protests outside the restaurant drove customers away. It also conducted
such actions as organising a protest against the Egg Producers' Federation. 
It is noted however the group while it has reactivated its Facebook has not yet
reactivated either its website or Twitter page.
Funding Sought for Film
06 July
Animal rights groups in New Zealand are being solicited to help fund a film
advocating the 'end of meat'. The German makers of the film say it sets out to
explore the idea of a post-meat world. The documentary will include interviews
with philosophers, scientists, artists and activists who offer their insight and ideas
about the role of animals in society.
The project is being backed by two Dunedin animal rights groups - the Otago
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Dunedin Animal Rights Collective -
which are asking their supporters to help crowdfund the project. Crowdfunding is
the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from
many people via the internet.

Animal Rights Protest
07 August: Whangarei
The animal rights group calling itself 'Stop Craddocks Farm' has organised an hour-
long protest vigil on 07 August in Whangarei targeting a major shareholder and
director of commercial egg producers Craddock's Family Farms. The protesters are
hoping to convince the shareholder to withdraw his investment in the company and
halt the company's proposed plans to extend its commercial egg laying operations,
and which are currently subject of an appeal to the Environment Court.
The group says it will hold a vigil outside the shareholder's Whangarei business
premises and is asking those who plan to support this protest to dress in black for
the occasion.
'Stop Craddock Farms' is an Auckland-based animal rights group established by one
of the  founders of the animal rights group 'Farmwatch' and says it has organised
car pooling to transport the protesters to Whangarei for this protest. It has
organised a number of protests outside the shareholder's office in Whangarei
Christchurch Event
15-16 August
The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society says it will be holding an information and
recruitment stall at the Christchurch Green Expo at the Wigram Air Force Museum.
The society says its stall will have petitions, free goodies, merchandise for sale,
and information to share with people. 
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