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Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
Lower North Recruiting
Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
NZ Police Constabulary Recruitment - Invitation to SCOPE
Application ID: 
Kia ora TAG4, 
As discussed, I am pleased to confirm you have met the required academic standards at 
assessment day and you will now progress to the next steps of the selection process, initial PAT 
and SCOPE. 
We will separately email you confirmation of your initial PAT booking. 
You will shortly be invited to take part in SCOPE, where you will get first-handexperience on the 
frontline. You will spend 40 hours, over four shifts, observing many different aspectsof police work. 
Each police officer you work with will evaluate your potential to workeffectively on the job. It is also 
an opportunity for you to ask questions about lifestyle changes,challenges and expectations 
involved in becoming a police officer. 
Click hereto download and print the following documents: 

SCOPE Agreement Form

SCOPE Applicant Workbook

SCOPE Police Officer Workbook (four copies)

Fingerprint Authority Form
Please read, print and take these documents with you when you attend SCOPE. You are required 
to hand four copies of the SCOPE Police Officer Workbook to theShift Supervisor on your first 
shift, along with the Fingerprint form.Your fingerprints may be taken using a LiveScan device, 
depending on the station you attend your SCOPE. 
Please refer to the SCOPE Agreement Form to confirm the appropriate dress attire. 
You will be contacted by the District’s Workforce Management staff to confirm your SCOPE 
booking arrangements, within one week. This includes the date, time and location for each shift. 
Please ensure you return your workbook to me, within one week of finishing your final SCOPE 
All the best for your SCOPE. 
Nga mihi, 
NZ PoliceConstabularyRecruitment