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Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
Lower North Recruiting
Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
Farewell to College 
Kia ora TAG4 
Congratulations on being selected for Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC) on Wing XXX 
in XXX District. 
Prior to attending RNZPC, an informal Farewell to College function is being held for recruits which 
you, your partner and / or family members are invited to attend. 
Venue: XXXX 
Date: XXX 
Time: XXX 
You'll have the opportunity to meet relevant staff from the xxx district who will provide information 
such as employee welfare, physical wellbeing at RNZPC and the station placement process. 
There will also be a slide show about RNZPC. You'll have a chance to ask any questions you 
might have and meet with other recruits who will be in your wing. 
The formal part is likely to run for approximately one hour followed by light refreshments. 
Important - Please reply with total numbers attending to me by XXXX for catering purposes. 
Nga mihi 
NZ Police Constabulary Recruitment