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Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
Recruitment Medicals
Section 9(2)(a) Official Information Act 1982
NZ Police Constabulary Recruitment - Final Medicals
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Kia ora TAG4, 
You have reached the final medical assessment stage of the NZ Police recruitment process. This 
involves a medical examination with a Medical Practitioner and a visual review by a NZ Police 
approved optometrist. 
Please note, your medical suitability for NZ Police recruitment is determined by NZ Police 
upon receipt and review of your final medical documents.You may also require either 
repeat tests or additional assessment before a final decision is made.
If you or your Medical Practitionerhave any questions regarding any aspect of your medical 
clearance please contactthe medical clearance administrator 
[email address] not contact your recruitment team about medical 
Click hereto download and read the following documents: 

Recruit Application Final Medical Form

Police Medical Examination Advice for GPs

Final Visual Examination Report (for your optometrist to complete)

Approved Optometrists
Medical Appointment 
Please arrange an appointment with a Medical Practitioner, and notify the medical clearance 
administrator [email address] the time and date of your appointment. 
You will need toprovide your Medical Practitioner with the Police Medical Examination Advice for 
GPs document. 
Optometrist Appointment 
If you have not had a NZ Police eye examination within the past 12 months, please also arrange 
an optometrist examination with an approved optometrist. 
NZ Police pays for the examinations. Any further investigation or assessment (as required by your 
GP or NZ Police) will be at your expense. 
Your Medical Practitioner and your optometrist will invoice NZ Police for payment. They will 
charge us if you fail to keep an appointment or cancel with insufficient notice.If this happens, any 
further costs will be met by you. 
Your Medical Practitionerand optometrist will return the completed examinations to the Medical 
Clearance Coordinator. Please request that your Medical Practitioner/Optometrist return these 

documents as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail. They should also retain a copy for their 
The medical coordinator will be in touch once your completed documents have been reviewed. 
Nga mihi, 
NZ Police ConstabularyRecruitment