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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 07:54:43 +0000
Subject: Official Information request - Understanding the nature and extent of our mayor's conflicts of interest
From: Concerned Ratepayer <[FYI request #7737 email]>
To: Enquiries <[New Plymouth District Council request email]>

Dear New Plymouth District Council,
Please provide:
A list of all the mayor's current disclosed and undisclosed conflicts of interests.
A list of all the companies, individuals and organisations that the mayor works for or contracts to as a consultant or advisor or in any role other than mayor, either as a sole trader, a company, for a company, or as an individual.
The number of hours/days per week the mayor generally works or has planned to work, or has disclosed that he works or will work, as an advisor or consultant or in any capacity other than as mayor, as disclosed to his colleagues and council staff, and/or recorded via his meetings schedule or weekly calendar since becoming mayor, and/or by any other statement or admission.
Details (times, dates, duration, attendees) of any meetings the mayor has held and plans to hold for non-council business, for personal use, as a consultant or an advisor, and in any capacity other than as mayor in his mayoral office or on council premises, or organised by or via his mayoral personal assistant or secretary (or any other NPDC staff member).

Yours faithfully,
Concerned Ratepayer


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