This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Pay rates of residential advisers employed by Victoria University'.

4 May 2018 
Angus Shaw 
By email: [FYI request #7651 email] 
Dear Mr. Shaw 
Re: Requests made under Official Information Act 1982 
I refer to your two requests for information pertaining to the pay rates and employment of 
Residential Assistants (‘RAs’). This response addresses your formal request made under 
the Official Information Act 1982 of 18 April 2018, as well as the questions asked of the 
Victoria University Communications Department  of  20  April,  which  were  subsequently 
transferred to the OIA Requests team.  
Your questions are below, italicised: 
I would like to ask about the pay rates of Residential Advisers across all Halls of residence. 
This would include both: 
1) Residential Advisers working in halls of residence directly operated by the University. 
RAs working in halls of residence directly operated by the University are paid between 
$18.12 - $18.49 per hour.  
2) Residential Advisers employed in halls of residence managed by outside contractors. 
The University is not in a position to discuss the pay rates of RAs employed in halls of 
residence managed by outside contractors. 
3. It is my understanding that Residential advisors are employed on fix term contracts 
and returning residential advisors are required to renegotiate contracts each year. Is this 
correct or could you otherwise clarify the employment process for residential advisors? 
This is correct.  RAs are employed on a fixed-term contract of less than 12 months.  This 
year (2018), the contracts began on 7 February 2018 and run until 19 November 2018.  If a 
RA wishes to return, they need to re-apply for a position for the following year and go 
through the normal recruitment process, consisting of an application, interview, and so 
4. Could you tell the rate per hour and the number of hours stated in their contracts that 
RA’s are paid in University operated halls? 
Please see the answers already provided to questions 1 and 2.  

RAs contracts state they will be rostered to work on average 30 hours per fortnight.  
5. Did the University increase the pay rates for Residential advisors between the 2017 and 
2018 academic years? 
6. Does the University have any plans to increase pay for Residential Advisors in the 
The university is reviewing the role and remuneration for RAs for 2019. 
7. For each hall of residence, what does the university charge residential advisors for 
rent? Is this deducted from their pay? 
RAs at University-catered halls are charged $369.00 per week and receive an 
accommodation allowance of $159.00 per week.  This charge includes all power, internet 
and food.  
RAs at University Hall (which is non-catered) are charged $240.00 per week.   
The University’s Human Resources department deduct the cost of accommodation from 
their salary as per the RAs offer letter.  All power and internet is included in their weekly 
Yours sincerely 
Rainsforth Dix 
Director, Student and Campus Living.