This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Vanlafaxine - Bioavailability studies'.

10 June 2019
To: Ronan Whyte (by email)
Copy to: Ombudsman’s Office (by email)
Dear Mr Whyte,
This  letter relates  to  your  request  to  PHARMAC  in  March  last  year  under  the  Official 
Information  Act  (OIA)  for  information  on  bioavailability  and  pharmacodynamic  studies  for 
venlafaxine.    At  the  time  we  declined  to  release  the  information  you  requested  as  we 
considered there was good reason to withhold it under section 9(2)(ba)(i) of the OIA, which 
concerns  information  provided  on  a  confidential  basis.    As  you  were  entitled  to,  you 
subsequently made a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman regarding our response. 
As part of the complaint process we responded to the Ombudsman’s Office.  In doing so, we 
acknowledged that there was a clear public interest in the release of an appropriate level of 
information  publicly  with appropriate  context and gave our  view  that  Medsafe,  working  with 
the  relevant  supplier,  was  best  placed  to  do  this.    In  the  time  since  you  made  the  OIA 
request,  Medsafe  has  released  a  significant amount  of  the  information.  This  information  is 
available on Medsafe’s website:

In  light  of  the  above  release  by  Medsafe,  we  have  reviewed  our  decision  to  withhold  the 
information in question.  Please see attached a copy of the document we previously withheld 
(which  is  the only  information  PHARMAC  holds within  scope  of your  request) and which  is 
now largely in the public domain. You will see that a small number of redactions remain – we 
are  continuing  to  withhold  the  redacted information  in  reliance  on section  9(2)(ba)(i)  of  the 
OIA as explained in our previous response to you. 
Please let us know if you have any further queries. 
Yours sincerely
Alison Hill
Director, Engagement and Implementation 
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