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FYI - caravan "freedom camping" - greenwash alive & well
Monday, 29 April 2013 1:30:00 p.m.
Hi all
Mostly this is a boring area & not much happening since we flicked off responsibility for caravan
labels – but got an interesting call last week.
It seems Apollo Caravan Rentals 
 keeps getting camping infringement tickets from
councils and can’t understand why as they have self-containment stickers on their rental caravans –
so she gave me a call.
As it transpires – whoever in their company who is sticking on the labels (which label the vehicle as
complying with NZS 5465) is NOT following the standard in at least one respect, the requirement to
issue an inside-window sticker. This is the bit council camping enforcement officers will be looking for
as proof of certification… or failing that, the detailed certification paper that is to be stored in the
caravan (they aren’t issuing these either –this is the bit that gives details about capacity & how many
people the caravan is self-contained for). So there are hundreds of caravans driving around from this
company that  advertise adherence to a standard they don’t adhere to, in at least some respects (they
may or may not actually be self-contained to the standard, but I kinda doubt it).
It’s interesting that a voluntary system still has a sting in its tail for non-compliance, as they are having
to pay council camping tickets for failing to follow the standard properly… but this is only because the
voluntary system is linked to something that does have a legal enforcement component.
– Senior Analyst, Waste and Resources
Ministry for the Environment – Manatu Mo Te Taiao
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