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 Natasha Lewis
Caravan Self-Containment Standard - IMPORTANT NOTICE
Monday, 26 March 2012 12:54:00 p.m.
5465-2001 A1 - warrant sticker in jpg.jpg
5465-2001 A1 - back of vehicle sticker in tif.tif
5465-2001 A1 - warrant sticker in eps.eps
Important notice to Issuing Authorities authorised by the Ministry for the

for certification of caravans as self-contained under NZS 5465
The NZ Standard 5465 Self containment of motor caravans and caravans has been
revised. This revision was published on 9 March 2012.
Key points to note:
1. There is a new mandatory sticker design for the front window (“warrant sticker”)
2. There is a new mandatory sticker design for the back of the vehicle (replacing the
voluntary “green diamond” created by NZMCA)
3. The new caravan sticker designs will match new signs in NZS 8603 for
authorised self-contained caravan camping sites.
4. The technical provisions for certification have not been changed.
5. To remain working as an Issuing Authority under the revised standard, please
obtain the updates for NZS 5465 from (enter 5465 in the
search box on the right side of the website home page). Prices are as follows:
revisions only (A1 document) -  PDF – free
- hard copy - $42 (members $33.60)
o fully revised text     -  PDF - $ 63.90 (members $51.12)
- hard copy - $71.00 (members $56.80)
6. The Ministry for the Environment will no longer be the “administering
authority” for the standard. This means that the Ministry will no longer approve
“issuing authorities”.  The Ministry will also no longer issue warrant stickers.
7. If you are not a registered plumber, to be an issuing authority under the new
standard you will need to more publicly demonstrate that you have a suitable
regime of training your inspector(s). Checking for this was previously a role of
the Ministry for the Environment.
Under the new clause 12.1(c), an Issuing Authority is : any organisation that
operates a scheme of qualification for testing officers who shall be members of
the organisation concerned. Documentation of this qualification scheme shall be
made available on a public website or to any party on request as evidence that
testing officers are competent to certify to this Standard.

Testing officers must also be able to present proof of their training on request to
the owner of any vehicle to be inspected (new clause 13.2)
8. Transitional arrangements  (new section 16)
All self containment warrants issued in accordance with NZS 5465 will remain
valid until their inscribed expiry date.
Existing “green diamond” stickers are a valid replacement for the new self-
contained stickers until the warrant sticker expires.
Owners of already-certified vehicles may request issuing authorities to replace
the old stickers with the new ones.
9. To obtain the new warrant and back of vehicle stickers, you may either:
(a) print your own, or
(b) make arrangements with another entity which is having them printed (for
example, the NZ Motor Caravan Association).
10. Artwork for these stickers is set out in the revised standard (Appendix C and
Appendix D).
I have attached for your convenience files of this artwork, kindly provided by
Standards NZ. The warrant sticker, which you may wish to have pre-printed with
your issuing authority name, is attached in an eps format (editable with suitable
software) as well as in jpg format.
If you have any questions, do let me know.
Thank you for your work to date in certifying caravans as self-contained. I wish you all
the best for your future work in this area.
Warm regards,
– Senior Analyst, Waste and Resources
Ministry for the Environment – Manatu Mo Te Taiao
DDI: 04 439 7790  Website:   23 Kate Sheppard Place, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143
under the Official Information Act 1982
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