This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Details of police leaving firearms parts on dealer's lawn in Auckland'.
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2017 03:04:19 +0000
Subject: FW: FW: Official Information request - Details of police leaving firearms parts on dealer's lawn in Auckland
From: "MCMAHON, Teresa" <[email address]>
To: "'[FYI request #6690 email]'" <[FYI request #6690 email]>

Dear J Devere

Further to the message of earlier today, I can confirm that Police has received two requests from you as follows: On 11 October: Please provide all details (including but not limited to internal memos, reports, contemporaneous notebook entries of all attending staff and staff involved in the subsequent investigation to this event, emails surrounding the investigation including with police public affairs section, exhibit record sheets, and job sheets) with relation to the reported incident where attending police left upper and lower AR15 receivers on the lawn of a firearms dealer during a search warrant in Auckland in 2017.

ON 12 October (in response to an earlier reply): For clarity the incident I am referring to is reported by kiwigunblog at In case your reply has been solely prepared on the basis that a search warrant was not carried out by Police, in relation to the incident that I mentioned, I would like to re-request the same specific information but in relation to the incident that was referred to in the blog post. For clarity I mean whether or not this incident involved a formal search warrant, a search by consent, a search without warrant using a statutory or common law power. Further, my request wasn't restricted to Counties Manukau police, but should be read to include any police involved in this reported incident. If it assists - if police are able to categorically state that the reported incident mentioned simply did not occur in any way and is a falsehood, then I would be content to not proceed with this request. Thank you for your understanding, this is a matter of real public interest if found to be true but if it is false it is a clear indictment on aspects of the NZ gun lobby, hence my interest.

I take it both these requests refer to the same alleged incident. I must notify you that Police requires an extension of time in which to respond to your request, pursuant to section 15A(1) of the Official Information Act 1982, because the request necessitates a search through a large quantity of information and consultations such that a proper response to the request cannot reasonably be made within the original time limit. Police require until 7 December 2017 to provide a substantive response to your request. You have the right to complain to the Office of the Ombudsmen about this extension.

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