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18 October 2017 
Mr Malcom Lock 
[FYI request #6566 email] 
Dear Mr Lock 
I refer to your emails dated 18 September 2017 and 18 October 2017 in which 
you requested –  
I would like to make a correction to my original official information act request. 
I stated that the suppressor was returned to the owner, as I have been 
advised this is incorrect and the suppressor is also missing. I do apologize for 
this mis-information in the original request. 
During a domestic incident in northern rural Hawke's Bay with in the last 12 
months the Hawke's Bay policing team seized several firearms from a 
property. Amongst these firearms were two Gervarm semiautomatic .22 rifles.  
No charges were laid against anyone from the property or involved in the 
incident but police continued to retain the firearms for an extended period.  
Once a well know firearms lawyer was engaged, most of the firearms were 
returned to the lawful owner. All except one, a Gervarm semiautomatic .22 
rifle. This rifle was seized with a suppressor attached. The suppressor that 
was attached was returned to the owner.  
1.     Has the Gervarm firearm been located? if so where was it located  
2. Why was it not in the same location as the other seized firearms from the 
same incident and not returned at the 

same time?  
3. If it has not been located yet, what actions are in place to determine its 
location and why it was removed and by whom?  
4. Why was the suppressor removed and consequently returned to the owner 
without the firearm? 
I have considered your request in accordance with the Official Information Act 
1982.  For your information, Eastern District Police concluded an investigation 
into  the matter you refer  to  in your request,  which  pertains  to  the affairs  of 
other people.  Therefore  the  requested information  listed  in  question  one  to 
four has been declined pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982, section: 
9(2(a) Protect the privacy of other people 

If you are not satisfied with my response to your request you have the right to 
complain to the Office of the Ombudsmen and seek  an investigation and 
review of my decision. 
Deb Collins 
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