This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Brodifacoum Pestoff Rodent bait 20R cautionary advisory label and Code of Practice, Public Health and Safety - clarification.'.

File Ref: ENQ-32557-B0T7G7 
15 November 2017 
Helen Black 
Via: [FYI request #6561 email]  
Dear Mrs Black 
Official Information Act Request   
I refer to your request for information received on 17 October 2017 regarding brodifacoum, specifically 
the product Pestoff Rodent Bait 20R. Your request has been treated as a request for information 
under the Official Information Act 1982. Our response to your request is below.  
The product Pestoff Rodent Bait 20R contains the active ingredient brodifacoum at a concentration of 
0.02 grams per kilogram (0.002%). Pestoff Rodent Bait 20R was transferred into the Hazardous 
Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, after first being approved under the Pesticide Act 1979. 
The environmental and human health effects were assessed, and hazard classifications and 
appropriate controls were applied to ensure that the effects are minimised and mitigated.  
When a product is assessed, available studies regarding the active ingredient are used to determine 
hazard classifications and appropriate controls. The studies below were used to assess the aquatic 
ecotoxicity of the active ingredient brodifacoum.   

Hill, R. (1979) Determination of the Acute Toxicity of PP 581 to Rainbow Trout.  BL/B/1877 
(Unpublished study received Feb 27, 1979 under 10182-26; prepared by Imperial Chemical 
Industries, Ltd., Eng., submitted by ICI Americas, Inc., Wilmington, DE; CDL:237703-C).  

Getty, C.; Wilkinson, W.; Sealey, C. (1978) Brodifacoum: Toxicity of the Liquid Concentrate 
Pelleted Bait and Technical Material to First Instar Daphnia magna: Report Series RJ0046B. 
(Unpublished study received Mar 29, 1974 under 10182-26; prepared by Imperial Chemical 
Industries Ltd., Eng., submitted by ICI Americas, Inc., Wilmington, DE; CDL:237909-A).  
The study below was used to apply the hazard classification 6.1A to the active ingredient brodifacoum 
regarding the inhalation of dust.   

Parr-Dobrzanski, R. (1993) Brodifacoum: 4-Hour Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study in the Rat: Lab 
Project Number: CTL/P/4065. Unpublished study prepared by Zeneca Central Toxicology Lab. 
139 p. 
Pestoff Rodent Bait 20R does not meet the classification criteria for this hazard due to the low 
concentration of the active ingredient in the product. Noting the low concentration of brodifacoum in 
the product, bystanders of aerial applications are not at risk as the amount of brodifacoum in the air 
will be extremely low, if present at all.  
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Frances Charlett-Green on     
[email address] or 04 474 5533.  
Yours sincerely 
Dr Fiona Thomson-Carter 
General Manager 
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms