This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'How many parking infringement tickets have been issued on vehicles parked in shared space or shared zones at Norwest Mall, Auckland.'.

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13 September 2017 
Mr Glenn Gowthorpe 
[FYI request #6425 email] 
Dear Mr Gowthorpe 
 Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987          
Thank you for your email dated 16 August 2017, requesting information about shared zones 
at Norwest Mall, Auckland. 
Please provide details on numbers of parking infringement tickets that AT have issued 
to  vehicles parked in 'shared space' or 'shared zones' at Norwest Mall, Auckland, in the 
last calendar year (01 Aug 16 - 01 Aug 17). Please provide the total dollar amount that 
these parking tickets amounted to. 

The shared zone covers Kohuhu Lane and Maki St. Over the last 12 months (1 August  2016 
to 1 August 2017)  143 infringement Notices have been issued.  The total amount of these 
Infringement Notices amount to $5720.  
We trust the above information has addressed your request however should you believe that 
we have not dealt  with your request appropriately, you have the right in accordance with 
section 27(3) of the LGOIMA to make a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman and seek 
an investigation and review in regard to this matter. 
If you have any further queries, please contact Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553 quoting 
Official Information request number CAS-547846-L2G6N4. 
Yours sincerely 
John Strawbridge 
Manager, Parking Services