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Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 06:54:07 +0000
Subject: Official Information request - KDC v TK WW - Target Rate ye18(draft/consultation-process)
From: Charles Barclay <[FYI request #5880 email]>
To: Council <[email address]>

Sir, (KDC Mayor)

May I please have published, in the public domain, a copy of the following referenced letter:

Fm: MWH(R) "Building a better world" Signed Grant Lorimer.
Client Ref: CON 718
9 May 2013
Attention Steve Ruru Chief Executive
Subj.: Contract 781 Te Kopuru and Kaiwaka Oxidation Pond Desludging 2013

May I, further, have your own understanding (as Mayor), given your laudable profession (in electioneering ) for regaining the community's Trust in Council and acknowledgement of actual differentials between Mangawhai & Te Kopuru median income, of how this small and impoverished village has been left with a debt (imposed, not consulted) of about $58k, after the shenanigans of your predecessors; Commissioners?

(I referenced the above letter at our meeting 04MAY17 to Clr. Curnow's ask of confirmation & to her satisfaction and visible record), so I guess you are familiar with it since the 4th. I therefore take it that this letter was taken into consideration at your full Council meeting on Monday last. ) This letter, I presume, therefore, constitutes a part of the consultation process of the draft y.e.2018 annual plan, prior to the final adoption of this plan, next month?

Charles Barclay
Te Kopuru, 14 May 2017


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