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Hi Ryan

Forwarded the original email sent to Hywel as requested.

Let me know if you need anything more.


Zeean Brydon | Associate Engineer


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Subject: SR356224 - 79 Taranaki Street - Capacity Enquiry request

Hi Hywel

David Wilson suggested I contacted you about this site – he seems to think you might have a WW model for this area.

I’m looking at this RC for Sheryl Barker, The site is 79 Taranaki Street. The site and existing WW discharge lateral are showing on the attached GIS extract.

The applicant is proposing to convert 5 floors of office to ‘residential’ accommodation.

Pre Development

The current office floor plans show 2 ‘toilet’ areas per floor with a total of 4 urinals, 7 basins, 7 toilets, and 2 cleaners sinks – so not much. Office floor area (including the toilet space) is 841m2 over 6 floors (one floor will remain as office after the conversion) giving a total floor area of 5046m2.

Post Development

1 floor will remain as office – 841m2.

5 floors will be converted to ‘residential’. This is however high density 1 to 3 bedroom appartments.

Floors 1 – 4 will have 25 beds, 14 bathrooms and 14 kitchen units - I haven’t looked at flows but if you took beds alone this would be equivalent to 8 x 3 bedroom houses per floor.

Floor 5 will have 8 beds, 9 bathrooms and 2 kitchen units – so again based on number of beds – 3 x 3 bedroom houses per floor.

So expecting quite a significant increase in off-site WW discharge.

Is it possible to check if this will cause any capacity issues.

Please feel free to get back to me if you need any further information.


Zeean Brydon. Associate Engineer

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