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Hi Ryan

Downloading my emails – going to send them individually as I’ve tried attaching them before and found the don’t send / open properly.

I’ll send them in the order I sent / received them.

My input stopped before the final solution was agreed so probably won’t add much.



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Subject: SR356224 - 79 Taranaki Street - initial comments

Hi Heather,

I have this down as one of yours.

I have reviewed the application and have the following comments:

- The applicant has not provided any information regarding SW or WW.

- The site is currently totally impermeable, there are no proposed changes to the building exterior or building envelope. Stormwater neutrality will therefore be achieved.

- The site currently has one existing 150mm dia SW lateral discharge off site to the 900mm Brick public SW main in Taranaki Street. There should not be any reason to change this arrangement.

- The site is currently GF + 4 floors of office, with the 5th floor vacant. GF & Floors 1 – 4 currently have 2 urinals, 3 basins, 3 toilets and 1 cleaners sink, the fifth floor although vacant has 2 urinals, 4 basins, 5 toilets and 1 cleaners sink – so low WW discharge. The site currently has one existing 100mm dia WW lateral discharge to the 150mm public WW main in Taranaki Street.

- The proposal is to convert floors 1 – 5 into ‘Residential’. Review of the proposed plans shows that this is in fact high density, 1 – 3 bedroom apartments which will have a significant change in off-site WW discharge. A quick count shows approx. 25 beds with 14 bathroom suites and 14 kitchen units on floors 1 to 4, Fifth floor is only 8 beds – approx. equivalent to 100 new 3 bedroom houses! The receiving WW pipe is 150mm diameter, given the scale of development I’m going to get a WW capacity check done.

- The development is in an area identified as being at risk of flooding – whilst there are no changes proposed to the basement or ground floor, is there a planning mechanism to ensure the residents are aware of the potential flood risk ?, whilst their homes won’t flood they may need to evacuate the building in the event of flooding ? not sure if they are going to use the basement for residential parking - this will certainly flood ?, is this picked up at all ?


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