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25 January 2017 
LGOIMA No. 8140000864 
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Georgina Blackmore 
By email: [FYI request #5073 email]  
Dear Georgina 
Local Government Official Information And Meetings Act 1987 
Names classifications Parks Reserves 
I refer to your request which we received on 7 December 2016 concerning names of 
Auckland Parks and Reserves and their classifications. Our response to your questions is as 
1)  The names of all parks and reserves under Auckland Council management 
Please find attached a list of parks and reserves across the Auckland region. Please 
note this list includes the respective parks classification as well as address and local 
board information. 

2)  What internal classifications each of the above parks and reserves fall under 

I understand that the classifications are*: 
Premier Parks 
Premier Reserves 
High Profile Parks 
High Profile Reserves 
Local and Neighbourhood Parks 
*If I am incorrect about the above classifications or other options for 
classifications exist, please correct me and supply this information. 

The park classifications that you will find in the list provided for Question 1 are as follows: 
1.  Civic Squares and Plazas; 
2. Neighbourhood 
3. Local 
4. Sports 
5. Premier 
6. Regional 
7.  Holiday Parks and Bachs; 
8.  Esplanade and Coastal; 
9. Open 
10. Closed Cemetery; 
11. Natural Spaces; 
12. Historic Places; 
13. Maunga; 
Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142  |  |  Ph 09 301 0101 

14. Iwi Co-manage sites; 
15. Stormwater Reserve; and 
16. Undeveloped Land. 
Please be advised that the above parks classifications are based on data used for 
contract maintenance purposes and are currently being revised in line with the new open 
space typologies as outlined in the Open Space Provision Policy June 2016 (Please 
refer to page 117). Based on this document, the following are the open space 
1. Pocket Park;  
2. Neighbourhood Park;  
3. Suburb Park;  
4. Destination Park;  
5. Civic Space; and  
6. Connection and linkage open space.  
Auckland Council Community Facilities department is currently reclassifying each park 
and reserve according to the above open space typology and as outlined in the Open 
Space Provision Policy. The full list will be available later this year.  
3)  What is the agreed Level of Service for each of these classifications as it pertains 

to hard surfaces/edging and around infrastructure for vegetation control. 
Please note the level of service of each park relates to the functionality of the facility. For 
example, a sports field will have a higher level of service compared to natural spaces. 
With regards to the standards of provision including ecological sustainability, weed 
management is one of the many methods to achieve the desired outcomes such as 
protecting natural vegetation.  
Park classifications only form part of Auckland Council’s approach to vegetation control. 
Other factors include functionality, environmental factors, and most importantly 
stakeholder and community needs. In this regard there is no distinctive standard of 
vegetation control for hard surface/edging for each park classification or typologies. In 
some cases specific natural environment conditions, such as variation in climate 
condition or variety of weed species, require different approaches to vegetation. There is 
no one standard level of service for vegetation control that is applied across the region.   
Therefore, in accordance with section 17(e) of the Local Government Official Information 
and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA), some of the information you have requested cannot 
be provided to you on the basis that it does not exist because there is no agreed Level of 
Service for each of these classifications as it pertains to hard surfaces/edging and 
around infrastructure for vegetation control. 
If you have any further queries please contact me on 09 301 0101, quoting LGOIMA No. 
Yours sincerely 
Jenny Hua 
Privacy & LGOIMA Business Partner 
Democracy Services 
Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142  |  |  Ph 09 301 0101