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14 December 2016 
Jake Preston  
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Dear Mr Preston 
Request for information 
I refer to your Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) requests dated 16 November 2016 and 1 
December 2016 where you requested the following: 
•  Request 1: “[I] request the total number of times that Southern Response and its 
agents and sub contractors have used engineered resin to level homes on Port Hills 
Classified Land.”
•  Request 2: “I would like to know the total number of times where Southern 
Response, its agents or subcontractors, have recommended and implemented a 
repair using engineered resin to relevel a house where the house has failed to relevel 
and remain level to within the tolerances of NZS3644for a new house ( 10 mm).” 

•  Request 3: “In what part os its contracts with suppliers of engineered resin solutions 
does Southern Response , its agents or sub contractors, ensure that the engineered 
resin solution will meet the longevity requirements of the building code, specifically 
the longevity requirements for foundation elements?” 
•  Request 4: “I would like to know the number of times that Southern Response, or its 
agents or contractors, have used Engineered Resin on a property and the 
Engineered Resin has travelled outside the boundary of that property that the 
engineered resin was intended to be used on?”
Given these requests are for a large quantity of official information, and that further 
consultations are necessary to make a decision in respect of these requests, we are 
extending the time frame for these requests in accordance with section 15A of the OIA.  We 
will respond to you on these requests as soon as reasonably practicable, although no later 
than 27 January 2017.  

Please be advised, you may have any aspect of this response reviewed by the Ombudsman. 
For contact options you can visit their website - 
Yours Sincerely 
Kate Armstrong  
Legal Risk Advisor