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Dear Marcus

We have considered your request for information about "ICT projects that
have either failed or suffered large cost overruns".

We are unable to grant your request in its current form because the
information requested cannot be clearly identified and in any case would
be likely to require substantial collation and research.

However, you are welcome to refine your request by:

* Specifying a reasonable time-frame for the request - at present
your requests does not state the period of time for which the
information is sought, for example are you seeking data for the last
financial year?; and/or

* Restricting the scope of the request by focussing on particular
search terms, projects or people; and/or

* More clearly defining what you mean by "...projects that have
either failed or suffered large cost overruns...", for example, do you
mean projects that have run over budget by more than a certain amount?

If you would like to make a refinement please let me know by no later
than 20 September 2016 and we will reconsider your request. Otherwise it
is likely that your request will be refused because it has not been
specified with due particularity (as required by section 10(2) of the
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987) or under
section 17(f) of the Act on the basis that making the information
available would require substantial collation and research.

Please contact me on 09 301 0101 if you have any further questions or
would like to discuss ways your request could be refined. Alternatively,
if you are able to provide me with a contact number I am happy to call
you to discuss.

Kind regards

Rebecca Rowsell

Privacy and LGOIMA Team

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From: Marcus [mailto:[FYI request #4576 email]]
Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2016 5:50 p.m.
To: Official Information
Subject: Official Information request - Cost Overrun and Failed ICT

Dear Auckland Council,

I would like to request any, and all information on ICT projects that
have either failed or suffered large cost overruns.

I would also like to request names of the vendors chosen and where
possible, the reasoning for why those vendors were awarded contracts
over local entities.

Yours faithfully,



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