This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Info on Square Mesh net'.

Excerpt from B14-463 
89.  MPI is also supporting work being undertaken by [withheld under s9(2)(a)] to reduce 
unwanted bycatch from trawl nets. [withheld under s9(2)(a)]  has been working on net 
gear development in the Hawke Bay for some time. The technology [withheld under 
s9(2)(a)] is developing revolves around using diamond shape rather than square shaped 
mesh in the trawl net. [withheld under s9(2)(a)]  claims that the technology reduces 
bycatch significantly. Overseas this type of net has been proven to reduce capture of 
elongate species such as gurnard but less effective in preventing bycatch of diamond 
shaped fish such as snapper, tarakihi and trevally. Field work is currently underway to 
test these claims. MPI is supporting this work through a special permit to allow testing of 
the gear and limited direct funding in partnership with other industry groups.