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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 22:51:49 +0000
Subject: FW: Official Information request - Request for Benefit Cost Calculations for the Island Bay Cycleway
From: Chris Brown <[email address]>
To: Paul Barker <[email address]>

Hi Paul,

Finalised quote for the collation for Tony Randle?


Further request - in bold below

Chris Brown | Issues Resolution Officer | Governance and Assurance | Wellington City Council
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From: Chris Brown
Sent: Wednesday, 3 August 2016 8:42 a.m.
To: 'Tony Randle'
Subject: RE: Official Information request - Request for Benefit Cost Calculations for the Island Bay Cycleway

Thank you for your email, Tony,

I will ask the relevant Council Officers to expedite the collation of the information most recently requested.

With regard to the spreadsheets you have requested, for which there is a charge, am I to understand that you are prepared to meet the cost - pending a finalised quote?

Additionally, yes the Council had considered remitting the charge, but it is not information we hold ourselves and our contractors are required to undertake a certain amount of work to provide the spreadsheet - which is outside the scope of the agreed work and is therefore not covered by the agreement between the Council and the contractor. To this end, the Council is required to meet the cost of the provision of information it does not require, except in passing the information on to yourself. The cost of this information is therefore to be passed on to you.

I will provide you with the finalised quote as soon as I am able to do so.

Kind regards

Chris Brown | Issues Resolution Officer | Governance and Assurance | Wellington City Council P 04 801 3479 E [email address]<mailto:[email address]> | W | |

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From: Tony Randle [mailto:[email address]]
Sent: Tuesday, 2 August 2016 3:05 p.m.
To: Chris Brown
Subject: RE: Official Information request - Request for Benefit Cost Calculations for the Island Bay Cycleway

Dear Chris Brown,

Thanks for the reply and confirming that the request for information has been granted although I do not understand why this point of clarification has taken more than 5 minutes let alone more than 5 days.

Also, apologies for the voicemail message to you not being audible.

WRT to today’s WCC response stating:
"Just to confirm, the Council is not overdue with the request, as you were provided a response, and advised of a charge for information - to that end, we have met the terms of the consent."

IMO the WCC substantive response IS late because he WCC response of 25 July 2016 does not contain all the required information including "whether the request will be granted". This is why I had to ask for this key element of the WCC LGOIMA decision in my follow-up messages on 25th July, 27th July and again today (See the Office of the Ombudsman's Guide "The LGOIMA for local government agencies" section on "Communicating the decision" for more details.)

Finally, it is my assertion that there is a significant public interest in understanding the original justification that supported the WCC decision to implement a protected cycleway in Island Bay. I and others are interested in this information as it would contribute to informing interested stakeholders on the WCC decision to build a protected cycleway on The Parade of Island Bay.

I would especially highlight, with respect to the potential public interest, the following decision of the council Transport and Urban Committee of 30 June 2016 to commence a review of the Island Bay Cycleway:
"2.4 Wellington City - Urban Cycleways Programme ...
That the Transport and Urban Development Committee:
1. Receive the information.
2. Note the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) commissioned Morrison Low report on Wellington’s Urban Cycleways Programme.
3. Agree that officers proceed with actions listed and report back to Committee on 11 August 2016.
4. Agree that a refreshed programme consider the whole Southern route (ie. Berhampore and Newtown) and advancing the investment for a cycle route from Te Kopahou Reserve to the Airport as part of the Great Harbour Way cycle way route.
5. Agree that re-engagement with the Island Bay community commence as soon as practical and be community-led with the detailed engagement approach to be developed by representatives from the Island Bay Residents’ Association, local businesses, Cycle Aware Wellington and interested stakeholders together with council and be ready for presentation to the September 2016 Transport and Urban Development Committee meeting.
6. Agree that any consultation regarding changes to the cycle way in Island Bay take as long as necessary to get a suitable outcome and include a full range of options, including the status quo and original designs.
7. Agree that a cycleway along Cobham Drive and around the bays to Ngauranga from Miramar, as part of the Great Harbour Way ie. an iconic harbour side cycleway, is considered as part of the refreshed programme.
Majority Vote: 13:0"
(refer T&U meeting minutes pages 30 - 33)

I would like to obtain the requested information from the WCC in support of an informed submission to this public consultation on the Island Bay Cycleway. I would note that my requirement for this information is becoming urgent as any submission must be provided by the end of this month (the results of this community engagement are to be reported to the 15 September T&U Committee).

Can the WCC please confirm that, in requesting a charge to provide this information, that it has considered the public interest in possibly remitting this charge ? I would appreciate urgency in providing this information.

Yours sincerely,
Tony Randle

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I am just waiting for a final quote from the contractors for the information


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