This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Overseas travel by government employees of Callaghan Fund & NZ Trade ad Enterprise'.

19 July 2016 
Perry Richardson 
[FYI request #4102 email]  
Ref: OIA-2016-12 
Dear Mr Richardson 
Thank you for your email of 8 July 2016, asking further questions regarding the Official Information 
Act 1982 response you received on 4 July 2016. 
Your questions have been responded to below: 
1.  The figures for the Ag Tech mission seem to be incomplete and seem not add up. The letter 
mentions that the mission had a budget of $87,000 of which $61,000 was for participating 
businesses and USD 35,000 for the SV Forum (which is more than $45,000). This adds up to 
$106,000, which is more than 20% above budget. Is that correct? It also seems not to take the 
travel & accommodation cost for the 3 Callaghan staff into account. Can you please provide 
the full costs as requested, including this component? 

The travel and accommodation costs for the 3 Callaghan Innovation staff were $11,597 for 
flights and $6,240 for accommodation.  The remainder of the $87,000 NZD budget was 
applied to a workshop in New Zealand to prepare conference presentations, the preparation of 
collateral (including the brochure you received) and networking events during the course of the 
The $35,000 USD fee for the organisation of the conference and immersion programme was a 
cost outside of the mission budget operated by the International Policy and Partnerships team, 
but we included this information for the sake of completeness as it was related cost.   
2.  The costs for the Stanford mission seem not to take the travel & accommodation cost for the 
three Callaghan staff into account. Can you please provide the full costs, including this 

The costs for the three Callaghan Innovation staff members who participated in the mission 
were: $3,365 for flights and $5,747 for accommodation (the flights costs are substantially 
reduced because of the Callaghan Innovation participants was able to pass through San 
Francisco connect with other work related travel).  

3.  There are no cost listed for the Callaghan participation in the Better By Design mission. Can 
you please confirm if this is correct? I would also be keen to understand what businesses went 
on this mission and what were the selection criteria used 

The costs for Callaghan Innovation’s participation in the Better by Design tour were $7,260 for 
flights (note this was more than would otherwise have been the case as the Callaghan 
Innovation employee also visited Singapore and London for other work-related purposes), 
$3,510 for accommodation and $3,100 for the Better by Design programme fee. 
As you have been informed, we have transferred the rest of the question regarding what 
businesses went on this mission and what was the selection criteria used to New Zealand 
Trade and Enterprise, as it was the organiser of the Better by Design programme. 
Please contact [email address] if you require any further 
Yours sincerely  
Wendy Dyson 
Acting Group Manager â€“ External Relations