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All Faculties
The Scholarships shall be known as the University of Auckland Doctoral 
PhD, DClinPsy or the 
research component of 
The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship provides a tax-free 
an approved doctorate
stipend of up to $27,000 per annum in 2016, with an annual cost of living 
By nomination
adjustment to the stipend value, for up to 36 months (see Regulations 8 
and 9 and Note ii) for students enrolled in a PhD, DClinPsy or the research 
component of another approved doctorate. In addition, compulsory tuition 
fees will be covered for up to 36 months for all domestic students and for 
Up to $27,000 pa*
international students who are eligible to study under the domestic fees 
 plus compulsory fees 
policy (see Note iii). International students will also receive compulsory 
and international health 
international student health cover.  Part-time students will be paid pro-rata 
insurance (* see Reg. 2)
for up to 72 months (see Note iv).  
 Up to 36 months 
The Scholarships will be available to students enrolled full-time at the 
(see Reg. 7 & 8)
University of Auckland who have paid the fees or have arranged to pay 
Available to domestic 
the fees, for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Clinical 
Psychology or the research component of another approved doctorate. The 
scholarships may also be available to domestic students for whom socially 
and domestic fee-paying 
compelling reasons make part-time enrolment preferable (see Note iv).
international students
The Scholarships are tenable by domestic students and international 
students who are paying domestic fees. 
The Scholarships will be awarded by the University of Auckland Council on 
the recommendation of the Board of Graduate Studies.
These Scholarships were established in 
Awarding will be based on academic merit, measured by the grade point 
1996 and revised in 2016.
average or grade point equivalent obtained in the applicant’s most recent 
qualifying programme for doctoral study (see Note v); strategic factors may 
The intention of the scholarships is to 
also be taken in to consideration.   
encourage and support academically 
excellent domestic students and 
Domestic and international students will be required to enrol within 3 
international students who are 
and within 6 months respectively, of the date of their unconditional offer, 
paying domestic fees, to undertake 
otherwise the scholarship offer will lapse (see Notes vi and vii).  Awardees 
doctoral study at the University of 
must also meet all requirements of their admission and scholarship offer 
Auckland.  Students will be assessed 
before any payments will be made.
for scholarship eligibility at the time of 
The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships will provide support 
application to the doctoral programme.
for up to 36 months of study and payments will commence from the 
doctoral enrolment date. A further six months scholarship funding, subject 
to Scholarship Sub-Committee approval, may be available. These durations 
shall be pro-rated for part-time scholarship awardees (see Note viii).
To comply with the full-time study requirement in Regulation 3, the amount 

the basis of selection will be 
of additional and paid work a Scholar may undertake either inside or 
academic merit and strategic 
outside the University shall not exceed a total of 500 hours per scholarship 

the Scholarships are awarded by 
10.  A University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship may not be held 
the University of Auckland Council 
concurrently with any other doctoral scholarship funded by the University 
on the recommendation of the 
of Auckland (including scholarships funded by faculties), or with any 
Board of Graduate Studies
postgraduate scholarship awarded by the Universities New Zealand 
Committee, Tertiary Education Commission, New Zealand Ministry of 
Updated 16 October 2015
Foreign Affairs and Trade, Asian Development Bank, Education New Zealand 
or any other New Zealand government or foreign government-funded 
scholarships. However, it may be held with any other study award or grant 
where the regulations for that award or grant permit, and where the 
University of Auckland Council so approves, up to an additional maximum 
of 75% of the stipend value of the University of Auckland Doctoral 
Scholarship. If the value of the co-tenured scholarship exceeds 75%, the 
emolument for the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship will be 
reduced to limit the additional co-tenured stipend value to 75%. 
11.  A Scholarship may be terminated by the University of Auckland Council 
should it receive a report from the Board of Graduate Studies that a 
candidate’s academic progress is unsatisfactory.
Recommendation is made by the School 
of  Graduate Studies:
[email address]
Please see over for further regulations

All Faculties
(i)  Students who have been offered a scholarship must meet all requirements 
for admission into their intended programme in order to take up the 
scholarship offer.
(ii)  Compulsory fees are those only related to the relevant Doctoral study, 
plus Student Services Fee. In addition, for international students, the 
single student Health Insurance compulsory charge (as detailed on the 
tuition fees invoice) is covered by the Scholarship for the duration of the 
(iii)  To be eligible to pay domestic PhD fees, recipients who are permanent 
residents of New Zealand or Australia, Australian citizens or international 
students may only be resident outside of New Zealand for a maximum 
total of twelve months over the period of their enrolment in their doctoral 
(iv)  Recipients of University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships are normally 
required to be enrolled on a full-time basis. However, domestic students 
for whom socially compelling reasons make part-time enrolment preferable 
may apply to hold a scholarship on a part-time basis pro-rated. Socially 
compelling reasons include a) carer responsibilities for: pre-school and/
or school-aged children; an invalid or disabled family / whanau member; or 
b) medical condition(s), impairment(s) or disabilities. Applicants will not be 
granted permission to hold a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship 
on a part-time basis if they wish to undertake full-time paid employment 
or substantial part-time employment. Students who hold a scholarship on a 
part-time basis are subject to the same employment restrictions as full-time 
scholarship holders (i.e. 500 hours per scholarship year; refer Regulation 9 
and Note xv) and are required to change to full-time enrolment if a change 
in their circumstances means they no longer qualify to hold the scholarship 
on a part-time basis.
(v)  All domestic applicants who obtained a grade point average of 8.00 or above 
(in their most recent qualifying programme) at a New Zealand university 
will be awarded a scholarship. All Māori or domestic Pacific applicants
who obtained a grade point average of 7.50 or above (in their most recent 
qualifying programme) at a New Zealand university will be awarded a 
scholarship. International applicants with a high grade point equivalent 
will be considered for a scholarship on a case-by-case basis. Applicants 
with a grade point average or equivalent of 7.00 to 7.99 will be assessed 
in light of a range of strategic factors. Where the most recent qualifying 
programme is an undergraduate honours degree, the grade point average 
or equivalent will be calculated over the final two years of full-time study
in the programme (or part-time equivalent). In all other cases, the grade 
point average or equivalent will be calculated over the entirety of the 
most recent qualifying programme. Applicants with a grade point average 
or equivalent of less than 7.00 are not eligible for consideration for a 
(vi)  Domestic students who receive an unconditional offer of a University of 
Auckland Doctoral Scholarship between 1 October and 31 December 
2015 must be enrolled in a doctoral programme by 1 April 2016, otherwise 
the offer of the scholarship will lapse. 
(vii)  Unless Note vi applies, domestic and international students are required 
to either a) enrol and begin their studies within 3 and within 6 months 
respectively of the date of unconditional offer or b) in exceptional 
circumstances, have obtained approval from the Board of Graduate Studies 
for a delayed take up time. PhD enrolments and scholarship payments must 
commence on the first of the month.
(viii) A further six months scholarship funding, provided by the University of 
Auckland and subject to Scholarship Sub-Committee approval, may be 
available to those PhD students who have held a University of Auckland 
Doctoral Scholarship. Extensions are not normally available for students 
undertaking a 360 point doctoral programme unless there are significant
extenuating circumstances.
Updated 16 October 2015
(ix)  The Scholarship will not cover any bridging programmes.
Please see over for further notes

Notes Continued:
All Faculties
(x)  Students who have been offered a University of Auckland Doctoral 
Scholarship, and decline an offer of place, are eligible to be considered for 
both admission and a scholarship again at a later date provided they have 
not enrolled and held some other doctoral scholarship in the interim. 
Students who have commenced payment for a University of Auckland 
Doctoral Scholarship are not eligible to hold this Scholarship again. 
(xi)  A student who has previously terminated a University of Auckland Doctoral 
Scholarship for health reasons may apply in writing to the Scholarships 
Sub-Committee for consideration to receive the remaining balance of the 
scholarship, up to the maximum allowable tenure to support completion of 
their doctoral programme.
(xii)  Students who have already commenced payment may defer their University 
of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship funding for up to one year in total during 
their tenure of the scholarship provided they do not hold some other 
doctoral scholarship in the interim.
(xiii) Students who transfer from a masters to a doctoral degree will be assessed 
for this Scholarship, provided they commenced their masters on or after 
1 January 2016. This decision will be made at the same time as their 
application to transfer to the PhD is considered. Students whose start date 
for their masters degree was prior to 1 January 2016 will not be eligible for 
consideration for this Scholarship. Students who transfer and are awarded 
the Scholarship and a) who were enrolled on a part-time basis during 
their masters degree, will have the tenure of their doctoral scholarship 
adjusted to account for the masters degree enrolment period on a full-time 
equivalent basis, and b) who were previously in payment of a University 
of Auckland Masters/Honours/PG Dip Scholarship, Masters Research 
Scholarship or Māori and Pacific Graduate Scholarship, will commence
payment for their University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship from the 
date specified by the Board of Graduate Studies.
(xiv) The maximum combined period of scholarship tenure for students who 
a) transfer from one university-funded doctoral scholarship to another, 
or b) terminate one doctoral degree and commence another, or c) have 
completed one doctoral degree and return to commence a second, shall 
be a total of up to 36 months with a possible extension of up to six further 
months, provided Regulations 8 and 9 are met. Where a Masters student 
is approved to upgrade their partially completed degree to doctoral study 
and is subsequently awarded a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, 
the tenure of the Scholarship will be up to 36 months from the start date 
of the research component of their Masters degree.
(xv)  Recipients of University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships will be required 
to give undertakings that they will comply with the regulations for the 
Scholarship and will notify the Scholarships Office of any change in their
enrolment, employment or funding status. The University of Auckland 
may, in the event it can be established that a recipient of a University of 
Auckland Doctoral Scholarship is not complying with these regulations, 
terminate the Scholarship and require repayment of the funds received 
from the date of the breach.
(xvi) Paid work that is required as part of an approved doctoral programme (such 
as an internship for some named doctorates) or that is undertaken as part 
of an approved University of Auckland Internship, is not counted towards 
the 500 hours of additional and paid work that a Scholar may undertake 
while in receipt of a scholarship.
(xvii)  University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship holders enrolled in the 
DClinPsy internship year may apply to the Scholarships Office for a stipend.
If they provide evidence to the Scholarships Office that their net internship
salary is less than the value of the University of Auckland Doctoral 
Scholarship stipend they will receive a stipend to bring their income up to 
the value of the scholarship stipend.
(xviii) University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship holders enrolled in the 
University of Auckland PhD Internship Programme for three months or 
less, and who are undertaking an unpaid internship, may continue to receive 
all or part of their Scholarship, subject to Scholarships Sub-Committee 
Updated 16 October 2015