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22 June 2012 
Samuel Fraser 
[email address] 
Dear Samuel 
Your request of 25 May 2012 refers and it is noted you have requested information on amalgamation for 
the past two years. 
Attached is a letter received by the Council against amalgamation which has been acknowledged. 
Also attached is an extract from the Management Team minutes held on 24 May where Governance and 
the proposed changes to the Local Government Act were discussed.  
The Mayor and Chief Executive have been involved with discussions at a Mayoral Forum which included 
the options regarding the future of local reform across New Zealand. These discussions are Chaired by 
Mayor Bob Parker from the Christchurch City Council. You may have already contacted that organisation 
with your question on amalgamation. Their web site address is: 
There has also been discussions at the Local Government NZ Zone 5 and more recently the Zone 5 and 
6 meetings about the prospect of a South Island Strategic Alliance, but these are discussion points, 
which do not involve amalgamation. The Local Government office is in 114-118 Lambton Quay, 
Wellington and the web site address is: 
As you are aware there would be a charge for the other information you outlined in your request which 
you have advise you are not prepared to pay at this time. 
This information is released under section 13 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings 
Act 1987. 
You may appeal the council’s decision at the Office of the Ombudsman in Christchurch (03) 357 4555. 
Yours sincerely 
Kevin Lamb 
KL / HY