This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'When will the location of the of the 'fee-setting meeting' be decided?'.

Rebecca Ewert 
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The University of Auckland 
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12 January 2016 
Mr Tim Lamusse 
By email[FYI request #3074 email] 
Dear Mr Lamusse 
I refer to your email of 21 August 2015, in which you requested further information about the meeting of 
Council to set student fees for 2016 (the “2015 fee-setting meeting”) and the University’s response of 1 
September 2015. 
In the University’s response of 1 September 2015, the University withheld the precise physical location of 
the 2015 fee-setting meeting under s 6(d) of the Official Information Act, as making this information 
available to you at that time would have been likely to endanger the safety of persons. Since the 2015 fee-
setting meeting was held on 19 October 2015, there is no longer any risk that the disclosure of the location 
of the 2015 fee-setting meeting would endanger the safety of persons. The 2015 fee-setting meeting was 
held at QBE Stadium (formerly North Harbour Stadium), Stadium Drive, Auckland. 
Yours sincerely 
Rebecca Ewert 
General Counsel