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Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2024 02:32:30 +0000
Subject: Official Information request - Digital security settings to address anti-vaccine sentiment in Tertiary and Education
From: Erika Whittome <[email address]>
To: OIA Requests <[email address]>

Dear Ministry of Health,
I am requesting information on your digital security team based on the information in the
minutes of the "Covid-19 Vaccine Immunisation Program Steering Group:
dated 7 Sept 2021 (from

The minutes dated 7 Sept 2021 say:

Update on school-based vaccinations (Rachel Mackay)
As of today, we have communicated with the Ministry of Education and Tertiary Institutions that employees are now eligible for priority to be vaccinated.
...there are some difficulties with anti-vaccine sentiment in this environment. The Ministry of Health is meeting with the digital security team to review the security settings.

Would you please share:
1. all the minutes of the subsequent meetings with the digital security team on the above decision to review, and the minutes when any security setting changes were proposed.

2. Any written reviews or current-state documentation of the security settings "before" and "after" states for any changes from Sept-Dec 2021.

3. The records of digital security changes that were made, ie the change control documents or (ICT) tickets to implement these digital security changes. I am requesting the high-level information on what was implemented, the rollback plan for the change or the work ticket etc. Please, no need for network details such as IP addresses, VLANs etc, just any fully qualified domain names which had security changes implemented on them.

4 During this review, were digital security changes implemented for both student and staff VLANS? Or just staff VLANs in the Education and Tertiary sector?

5. Please include any related memos, texts, emails and correspondence etc around the digital security settings review which were to address the reported difficulties with anti-vaccine sentiment in this environment, as reported in the steering group minutes dated 7 Sept 2021. I assume this review would have been ongoing for a number of weeks or months.

Yours faithfully,

Erika Whittome


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