This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Record of interrogation of Bret Richard Stewart at DOC Thames office in October 2004'.

File refs: LCO-01, OIA-15-E-69 
27 March 2015 
Bret Stewart 
By email: [FYI request #2550 email] 
Dear Bret 
I refer to your email of 5 March 2015 in which you said: 
“I was interrogated by officers from the New Zealand Department of 
Conservation at the Thames office.  This was the culmination of an 
investigation that started less than two weeks prior to October 30th, 2004 - 
the approximate date of interrogation. 
I would like to request information relating to methods of interrogation used 
by the Department of Conservation.” 

I have made all reasonable inquiries with Department staff who may have had knowledge 
of your case, but these have been unsuccessful and I am informed that there are no notes 
or records of meetings held with you.  Therefore I regret that I must decline your request 
as the information does not exist or cannot be found (section 18(d) Official Information act 
refers).  I should emphasise that there have been a number of staff changes in the 
Department since 2004 and, unless you are able to provide more specific detail, I will be 
unable to provide a different response. 
However as a general statement, the Department’s standard approach to investigating any 
issue is to collect information and interview relevant parties.  The Department does not 
subscribe to a particular style or method of interview, but our warranted 
officers/investigators are required to act lawfully, and with all reasonableness and fairness 
while carrying out their duties. 
You are entitled to seek an investigation and review of my decision by writing to an 
Ombudsman as provided by section 28(3) Official Information Act. 
Please feel free to contact Geoff Owen, National Manager – Compliance 
([email address]) should you have further questions. 
Yours sincerely 
Damian Coutts 
Director Conservation Services 
Lower North Island 
for Director-General 
OIA-15-E-69 - Bret Stewart - Subject of Interview at Thames 2004 - DOC-2184593