This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Laws101 2023 Grade Distribution'.

13 December 2023 
By email:  [FYI request #24885 email] 
Kia ora A 
I refer to your information request dated 27 November 2023 made under the Official Information 
Act 1982 (the Act). You have requested: 
“I am making a OIA request for a document containing the number of people who got each 
percentage grade in the 2023 LAWS101 exam. Could it also contain the number of people 
who got each percentage for LAWS101A and LAWS101B seperately?” 

Subject to the following comment, please see attached the information you have requested:  
in the attached mark and grade distributions, we note that students who withdrew from the 
paper are excluded from the data. 
I trust that this information will be helpful.  
Ngā mihi 
Jenny Shaw 
Official Information and Compliance Coordinator 
Office of the Registrar