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Waitemata District 
Stop Co Governance meeting - Mahurangi East Community Centre Operation Overview 
Sat 09 Sep 2023 14:00  1-1 Hamatana Rd, Snells Beach, 0920, NZL 
The operation went as planned and was sufficiently staffed and resourced 
A total of 13 staff were deployed into the area of the event.  On the night there was a 
conscious effort to ensure Policing resourcing was largely held back as a contingency.  Staff were 
deployed as required, the largest number we had at the venue would have been around seven at 
one time 
Good local partnerships and relationships with Iwi and individuals meant there were no 
major issues during the course of this event 
Around 100 people turned up to the event to listen to Batchelor  
About 12 protestors arrived.  They stayed for the first 90 mins and then left and did not 
The event went for much longer than anticipated (4 hours) 
Security at the Venue  
The local organiser informed Police that there would be security at the venue and that it 
would be people from Destiny Church who were part of the ‘Man-Up’ wing of the church 
No security ever arrived 
This became an issue when several protestors entered the hall and started yelling at 
Batchelor.  This was dealt with by Police present in the area who asked the protestors to leave the 
hall (which they did with no issues). 
Of interest is the email trail from Batchelor which shows he sent an email on Friday night 
(08/09/23)  In it Batchelor contacts staff in Auckland City to say he is running an event at Shooters 
Saloon in Kingsland at 1400hrs on Saturday 09.09.23 
Outside of this email there is nothing on the stop-co-governance website, facebook page or 
anywhere else I could find which confirmed this event in Kingsland 
As the day unfolded it was evident that Batchelor had been in the Mahurangi area the entire 
The event in Kingsland never occurred as far as I can ascertain 

No explanation was sought from Batchelor on the day 
It is possible that Batchelor sought to misdirect Police resourcing, made an error with his 
dates or there was some other reason 
Stop-co-governance website 
Batchelor has updated his website to include commentary on the Snell’s Beach event 
Marches scheduled, as per website 
Sun 20 Aug 2023 09:57 
Update from Website 20 August 2023 
Marches scheduled as per below - 
Stop Co-Governance Public Street March 
16 September, time TBC 
Tamaki Makaurau 
Stop Co-Governance Public Street March 
23 September, time TBC 
Stop Co-Governance Public Street March 
30 September, time TBC 

Stop Co-Governance Southern District 
Fri 11 Aug 2023 13:26 
Update on the upcoming Stop Co-Governance events in Arrowtown, Lowburn and Te Anau: 
•  Arrowtown Golf Club event - 14/08/2023 – CANCELLED - I spoke to s9(2)(a) 
S this morning who advised that this event has been cancelled due to the 
Arrowtown Golf Club pulling out after pressure from some of the Club members (I 
have spoken to the Arrowtown Golf Club manager who has confirmed the 
cancellation). s9(2)(a) advised this event will now instead be livestreamed on the 
14/08/2023 and that Julian BATCHELOR will be hosting the livestream from a 
private address in Queenstown. She advised this private address will not be advertised 
publicly and only a small group (friends and family personally invited) will be in 
attendance in person during the livestream. Given this, it is unlikely the event will 
attract any protestors requiring Police intervention
. Whilst not confirmed by 
s9(2)(a) , I’d say this private address is likely to be at s9(2)(a)
 – given recent interactions with s9(2)(a)  it is unlikely he 
will want any sort of Police attendance at his address if the livestream is in fact held 
•  Lowburn Hall event - 15/08/2023 – GOING AHEAD – s9(2)(a)
 and local 
organiser s9(2)(a)
 have confirmed the event being held at the Lowburn Hall 
is still going ahead as planned on the 15/08/2023. They have advertised the event and 
are expecting a good crowd to show up. They are not aware of any potential protests. 
•  Te Anau event – 26/08/2023 – CANCELLED – s9(2)(a)
 advised this event will 
be cancelled due to communication issues with the local organisers. 
 indicated they might host a livestream event from Balclutha but did not have a 
date or time for this yet as it was still in the works. 
Given that the Arrowtown event will now just be livestreamed from a private address (this 
will not be advertised publicly), it is unlikely Police will be required. 
Op Stop Co Governance Hawkes Bay 

PNHQ (1), Eastern (1) 
CARD reference 
Julian Batchelor is touring NZ, holding anti-co governance meetings. Four daily meetings 
are scheduled for Hawkes Bay, commencing on Monday 24th July. A Policing Operation 
has been stood up to ensure that both the meetings and any subsequent protests can take 
place without any breaches of the peace. 
Tue 25 Jul 2023 21:20      Units standing down 
It appears that no meeting is going to occur tonight due to lack of a venue. Units have been 
stood down from the operation. Further meetings are scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday 
in Napier 
Tue 25 Jul 2023 18:46 
Police and protesters have arrived at the venue but it looks to be closed with locked gates. 
Tue 25 Jul 2023 18:29 
The meeting is set to start at 1900 hours at Elwood Function Centre. Units heading to the 
location now. Ngati Kahungungu Iwi Facebook page has listed the address, so protestors are