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2 August 2023 
Erika Whittome 
[FYI request #23284 email] 
Tēnā koe Erika 
Your request for Official information, reference: HNZ00023978 
Thank you for your email on 5 July 2023, asking for the following under the Official Information Act 
1982 (the Act): 
“According to the legislation at the time in 2021, there were operational exemptions 
available for those who were not getting vaccinated against Covid 19. Your website outlines 
the process of applying for an operating exemption under clause 12a 
Kindly share: 
How many requests were received? 
How many were approved by the ministry?” 
From 13 November 2021 to 26 September 2022, a total of 478 applications for Significant Service 
Disruption exemption (SSD) were received. 103 applications were granted, covering approximately 
11,005 workers.  
Please note that it is not possible to provide the exact number of workers that were covered by 
SSDs. This is because it was possible for an organisation to submit an application to cover more 
than one worker. 
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